Whats wrong with Curse?

How come Curse has 0 asteroid belts? How come Syndicate, Venal and Stain have lots and lots of asteroid belts?

Because CCP removed asteroid respawn mechanics from belts in their effort to replace well-working and perfect old mechanics with their new, failing and objectively bad mechanics, which meant that they eventually ran out of asteroids, which in turn meant that they were empty beacons, which in turn apparently confused people because they expect asteroids and asteroids respawning as they have always done, which in turn prompted CCP to remove these empty asteroid belts only in parts the universe and never removed them everywhere and they never explained why they removed them only there.
Now you get even more empty asteroid belt beacons in every system that have no benefits other than “looking cool” and drawing massive NPC spawns away from gates.

Or in short: Just CCP doing CCP things.


Legacy Code! Even in 2022 CCP doesn’t fully understand their own game.

It has nothing to do with legacy code. CCP intentionally turned the respawn mechanics so that the belts would run dry. They know how to change the asteroid composition because they changed them in HS and LS and everywhere else where they did not remove the belts. If LC was an issue, they could not have done that in HS or LS. It’s simply bad development quality and implementation practice.


Might as well take out the whole region, there was nothing in Curse anyways apart from OSY system which is infested by RTMs, this was basically the only region, apart from Syndicate, which offered a balance of everything (Missions, mining, ice harvesting, belt rats, pvp etc…)

Since theres no belts, theres no mining going on, no ratting/looting/salvaging of npcs, which leads to no one producing anything, which leads to people (starter chars like myself) not willing to go there. Basically a dead region… theres just some campers camping entry points and thats that…

5 years back, this was a thriving area…

What I do not understand is how come Curse was hit with this change and the other 0.0 npc regions have not had this change implemented…? In my opinion this is unfair as unfair gets…

Are there any links leading to the main post with an explanation why this was done? Is there any explanation at all???

Someone give me something!!!


still no response…

aint gonna see me in an omega…

It a little bit more nuanced than that. What really happened was when the redistributed minerals in Ore they designated certain ore types to be exclusive to certain bands of space. Isogen and Mex got Lowsec. All rocks that were no longer valid were removed. This left entire belts, systems, constellations, etc devoid of any rocks at all. After around a year of nothing ever spawning, and people grumbling about “npc miners” or respawn mechanics CCP figured they would fix the confusion by cleaning up the belts that had 0 valid ore spawning in it.

From there we ran into issues were with no belts that means no way to farm belt rats and thus trigger Officer Spawns. When it was brought to their attention that at least one Officer just simply couldn’t really spawn anymore, they quickly made the rats spawn on gates instead.

And this is how we got the most impactful feature of 2020. A series of thoughtless accidents.

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I don’t see the nuance. I described the same matter just in a less pleasant way because CCP really does not need things described to them in pleasant ways.

They could have just added the desired rocks to the belts. They have the capability to do so because they did it everywhere else as well. If they did not have the capability to do so, high sec and low sec would have run out of rocks long before these null sec regions, and they managed to do it just fine in the other half of the cluster – Which still has belts and properly spawning rocks. Or they could have removed the belts everywhere and not just in one half of the cluster.

Well, the suggestion was that no reason was given and that the fields were allowed to “run out”.

What I gave is the explanation I was given by several people in CCP when I asked them about it at the time.

You got the majority of it correct, I was adding more detail and filling in a couple of gaps (and of course giving some references)

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