High Sec Belt Spawn Formula

Hello and good day, CSM @Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah .

Could you ask CCP if the daily high sec belt respawning formula is counting waste? I am asking because the ore in the normal asteroid belts are not half of what they were on day one of the patch.

Thank you for your time.

Belts at DT don’t replenish to their maximum potential. Ore accumulate over time. Once you mine belt dry, next day it will have less ore.

Also “high sec belt” is broad as hell. Did you bothered to at lest move few jumps over and/or monitored few belts over multiple DT’s if they replenish properly. Or just spawn and stay in supposedly low state?

Provide more information. Because right now you only sound as whinny miner that sit in his home system and complain without understanding “basic” mechanics

@Small_Kitty_Paws I know and understand that. I am asking for the CSMs to see if the waste is being counted against the daily respawn or it is working fine.

If this is the new normal for high sec then this patch is a lot worse then I thought. Most of the rocks are under half the size they were the first day and some of them are not 1/3 of the size from patch date.

I thought too that belts work this way.

Anyway, as belts replenish only a part of the ore that has been removed at DT, it logically follows that if you remove more ore the belts will have less ore.

As people have higher yield and also waste now, waste which removes ore from the asteroids, it follows that any belts that are regularly mined will run out of ore more quickly than before.

Luckily there will also be belts out of the way which are twice the size as before the patch, so get searching.

I was reading something, with no date on it, that belts respawn their full potential in other areas, depending on how much of that one particular ore was mined throughout new eden.

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