Seeking wisdom on astroid belts

I have noticed that the asteroid belts in the system I mine are not respawning to full value after server reset.

Why is this happening?

I have heard CCP has some weird algorithm that does this.

Does the algorithm only apply to the constellation or does it apply to the whole region?

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Not sure of the exact math, but yes, basically there is an algorithm that determines spawn location and amount in a given area (not sure how the area is defined) of EvE based on how much and from where in the area it is missing quantity from a preset baseline amount.

The gist of it is that you are encouraged to move around and seek out the resources, rather than have your preferred location filled every day.

It’s been like this for years. And because of NPC miners, I doubt any belts return to 100% (I understand the only exception are systems without stations. In these systems, NPC miners don’t spawn).

edit: from my experience, a belt will be 1/3 restored after each downtime. So it’ll take 3 days to get back to 100%.

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I had to ask because I am still a newer player and have never seen this until the last week or so.


I see your irony, but don’t seek wisdom in a rock.

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