Capital mining nerf effects

Hi, I wanted to pick thoughts on how the Rorqual nerf could affect ore prices. So far, I don’t see a difference.

From what I understand the overall purpose is to place Rorquals back at head of exhumer fleet ops, stem the glut of minerals and curb off Capitals Online™ emergent playstyle in the moon roid fields. Just looking at stats nerfed and disregarding for moment defensive nerf, I don’t see much changing. Will still be practical to have fleets of Rorqs stripping fields even for lower return, not exhumers.

Now all this being said for the sake of discussing ore prices and mineral market saturation, philosophically speaking why shouldn’t we have all-capital mining as an apsect of absolute top tier end-game industry?

Fix supply gluts with more sinks, not nerfs to valid play styles people have massively invested in. Double mineral requirements for everything structure related or something.

The riches surpluses have been astronomical in the last 7 months so…that’s a lot of sinks…

By my count, 535T more ISK has been mined than destroyed (and that doesn’t even touch ratting/missions/etc)


Yeah there’s stuff that would take time and effort for me to read and digest from the economic reports etc. but it’s funner to post threads because daily downtime. If I had Rorq fleets maybe I’d be bothered to study instead of spam.

Edit, first thinking about it, keepstars will eventually reach equilibrium so structures might not work for long term sink. The hisec wildcard would be alt corp vanity keepstars but upkeep costs will curtail that.

Really the whole point of this thread is I’m trying to stealth-gauge whether or not I should start stockpiling mexallon.

It will take time (or a major war) to deplete the stockpiles. Tritanium, in particular, has been a waste product in Null - it’s climbed above 2 ISK in most regions. You’ll probably notice the impact of the nerf first in the price of Mexalon.


I’m afraid your not a true Rorqual miner, I have 6 accounts and live in Delve, I have been training all 6 account to max mining which is 2700.38 m3 / 16 (spod) = 168.77 per Excavator 843.87 x 6 accounts = 5063 rocks per minute x 60 minutes = 303,792.75 per hr x Spod rate 1369 (delve) = 415,892,274.75 per hour all 6 accounts
NOW! 2160.30 /16 = 135.02 x 5 x 6 accounts = 4050.56 per minute x 60minutes = 243,033.75 x (delve rate) 1369 = 332,713,203.75
So Difference of 415,892,274.75 - 332,713,203.75 = 83,179,071 PER HOUR LESS
83 mil is a lot considering this is only One hour of mining and I normally mine a few hours a day x 30 days. So basically i’m down 5bil per month.
Still not impressed , I DON’T plex my accounts I pay for all 6!!! and have been for 15 years .
The bottom line is I trained hard and your NERF cause you just felt like I make to much, but I play to have fun and I trained hard and long to be a top miner, THIS pays for all my toys and ships so I can do pvp, this loss took the wind out of my sails, the price of ORE is dropping and the price of capitals ships that I build had dropped badly.

RORQUAL = 2,5 bil a few months ago
RORQUAL now = 1.1 BIL
(blueprint copies cost and mining time costs me time.)
I’m so angry that you do this every time I get awesome at something in game. So I have canceled 4 of my six and not sure If I can take these NERFS

ok. Trolls EAT ME UP


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Do we have to? Alright, alright. Um. You’re dumb and smell like sweaty socks!

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Playing for 15 years?

Down 5bil a month?

Over 6 accounts?

Seems your greed took full advantage of the gold rush and tbvfh looking at your trash killboard where you have several gank kills in highsec of high value targets i could give a f~~k less if you quit altogether.

It’s clear you do not actually care about the game, the players or anything else but yourself :slight_smile:

PS can i have your stuff?

your making 20 billion a month still and complaining… wtaf

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Can I have it?


Just imagine, If NO goons were killing in empire and everywhere. and YOU could rat or do your stupid mining all the time, WHERE would the content be, what fun would there be, so the game dies
But CCP is killing it faster

YEa I will give it to you come to 1dq

i think what you mean is

After all, if killing people is content, im worth way more than you.

And most of those fights i engage with people, they get to shoot back; they learn and have fun.

What you got?

nothing really.

but yeh, whatever.


You don’t “mine isk”. You mine ore.

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You either mine to sell it later FOR ISK or you mine it for yourself to SAVE ISK.

Either way, you are mining for ISK…not literally but that is the end goal.

No and and this argument is stupid. You mine ore period. What you do with that ore isn’t an isk sink/faucet.

When you go to work in RL, you are doing it to earn money. Same thing. You don’t literally make the money now do you.

isn’t an isk sink/faucet.

LOL…mining is pretty much the easiest and safest way to earn ISK. The next best way is to turn it into something else and sell that. There are whole corps that do just this…

Mining in a rorq is a faucet, which is why so many new accounts have been created just to fly rorqual - its too much, people are talking about earning over 20 billion a month mining with 5 or 6 rorquals - if it wasnt unbalanced or a faucet, this simply wouldn’t be the effect; and so we know its the cause.

Similarly being able to kill them easier isnt going to change that.


AND bare in mind that if theyre spending that much time mining then they really arent interacting with the rest of us, and just because they grab their 2 paplinks a month it doesnt make them a pvper or particularly good for the economy.

In the real world the reason the econemy keep moving is because parts get used up, feuls burn and new tech takes over old.

In eve some of these things happen sure, but we dont replace damaged parts on spaceships; and so ship destruction HAS to take over that.


Mining is not a sink or faucet. ISK is not created from nothing or destroyed. The ISK made from mining comes from other players. Faucets are things like bounties, mission rewards, insurance payouts, that create new ISK. Sinks are things like BPOs and NPC station market fees.


It creates an asset from nothing…and gives you something that is the basis for pretty much everything in NE. If memory serves correct, it’s the biggest source of income in the game.

Yes, but that item is not raw ISK. Same as how running wormhole sites gives you lots of ISK but not through printing new ISK. The ISK comes from other players. I’m not saying mining isn’t profitable or something you make money from, just clarifying the terms “ISK faucet” and “ISK sink”. These refer to things that add or remove ISK from the game’s economy. Mining doesn’t do that.


Technically you are right…

(walks away grumbling to self)