The middle ground for mining

I don’t know if this been talk about or not, but there no real middle ground from Exhumer to the Rorqual.

I believe that there need to be a middle ground, because there it’s just black and white right now with them, over all it’s just better to get the rorqual and just don’t even train to the mining barge.

Maybe a new ship and bigger strip miners for it?

It’s a question of risk vs reward. A Rorqual with excavator drones will cost 8-10 billion ISK. At that price it should be a very capable ship but it shouldn’t be good enough to be the only rational choice.

I don’t think CCP has found the proper balance point yet but I do believe the answer is to reduce the dominance of the Rorqual - not increase the capability of other options.

New Eden is well supplied with minerals - increasing harvest simply translates to lower prices.

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And this is bad why? Of course everyone must have more currency now than ever before amirite? This is not the case. At least not for everyone.

porpoise? i mean i’m not sure if you could find a middleground for mining ships… as for mining barges i’m pretty sure you have to train those to fly rorq.

I assume that means you’d be okay with your source(s) of income being lowered?

I’ll shoot myself in the testicle (repeatedly if needed) before I become a miner (I’d consider afk mining while I do something on my main however) so I’ve no skin in this game, but put the shoe on the other foot.

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No silly, you misread that. I said my income was halved when them whiners- ermm miners were crying oceans because hurdur make so little currency, must has more currency because ebil ganking and stuff.
Nor for 4 years I have to do triple as much PVE before I can even consider undocking with dark intentions (like killing mine- whiners).

Then comes some very not bright guy to nullsec and complains I do not much pvp for 11 years. So I have to sit there to senseless babbling of a noob why I don’t have infinite bajillions like he does with his 495239ß59ß673085657806295670367290467456 accounts doing everything at once and getting bored of EVE after 3 months.

I wonder why that is. Maybe it is very difficult to comprehend but I only ever had one account, this is my ■■■■■■■ main and I do everything, just not at once.

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Not sure if you’re aware of this, but none of this was said in your other post. Taken within the context of what you said, and where you said it, and how you said it, you simply implied that miners making less income is not a bad thing.

If you’re fine with miners making less income, then I wanted to see if you were fine with everyone making less income.

Oh so much yes!

That wouldn’t be bad at all. Remember them prices back in the day? Base price for Tritanium was 1 isk, Pyerite 2 isk and so on. If I would have started pvp back then, my losses would have been acceptable.

Okay, so if prices are down and your income is down, are smaller losses based on a smaller operating margin more acceptable than larger losses on a larger operating margin?

Or are you only okay with dropping mining income?

If it stops silly rorqual bots, yes.

your math doesn’t check out. back in the days it took much longer to reach a few hundred millions. when you say you have to do sessions of PvE, to do your PvP, then - no offense intended - you’re doing it wrong. i favour single account gameplay as well, but your solution to your money problem is flawed and probably turned you bitter at some point.

pretty sure the null blocs are all dumping their mining to build a palatine, or at least what they should be doing anyway…

Why should they?

What exactly is the point of the palatine? There’s a reason nobody has it. The cost doesn’t justify the epeen.

who knows what they are up to.

there’s no big scale epeen that’s not more important than the cost of gaining it. the question isn’t if anyone is pursuing it, it’s “when will it be done?”, and that we don’t know! what we can safely assume, though, is that there are people actively working on it, simply because it’s there. :smiley:

i guess it’d be a goal to reach? i mean why not build it, it’s a giant-ass keepstar that would probably cause tons of content to emerge, regardless of who puts it up.

Because all you are doing is painting a giant “come blow up years worth of our work please” target on yourself.

the first one to be built WILL be destroyed almost immediately. because the only thing that gives you bigger e-peen than building the first palatine, is having the first palatine kill on your killboard.

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