Rorqual's are lonely

The rorqual is the supposed ‘peak’ of mining, but it’s a lonely spot at the top. I propose something that is the complete opposite of a rorq and focuses more on mining laser than mining drones. It just feels weird that most ways to mine early on are laser based and then drones become the more efficient method. I propose a roqaul type ship that can also fit an industrial core-type item that boosts it’s laser outputs but is much more solo based. It would be a big mining laser platform, capable of fitting six miners as well as this new proposed ‘core’. It should NOT be able to give boosts or use any drones. It should though have it’s own class of strip miners that only work in siege mode though. This ship wouldn’t have any service bay of any type, meaning you can’t fit ships in it, but it would have compression capabilities and an insanely large ore hold. Things like panic modules are a must. This ship could also have gas miner bonuses, because gas huffing could always use some love. This ship should not in any way be allowed in highsec, maybe not even in lowsec, or at least it can’t activate the panic or core in lowsec. Same size as rorq and same armor/shield/structure as rorq. Any other Ideas?

Edit: This ship would be above Exhumers on the tree

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Rorquals are a blight and the only saving grace they have from a game design persective is that if the pilot is very, very stupid you can kill a drone and set them back a couple hours of income before 15 supers/150 jackdaws are on grid.

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That’s a very strong opinion, rorquals are what help keep the economy running

That you can point at the Rorq, Nyx, Hel, VNI, and Gila and say that that’s the whole economy and be right is far worse.

The economy was more than fine before the rorqual changes.

We don’t need more big miners. The rorqual is more than enough.

Rorqs do not help keep the economy going, they ruined the economy for everyone. Even the muppets down in Delve are now desperately looking to sell their titans at or below cost.

This is what Rorqual mining should be, not 10 or 20 or 40 Rorquals in a belt.

You Jelly? Our morons fly titans, what do your morons fly? Having a wait list for constructing Titans, yeah, desperate to sell, and below cost is relative to what YOU pay to make them. Since Delve is the safest place in EvE and produces everything needed locally, you can’t really compare the Imperium’s prices to other places in EvE.

I lover mining lasers, but the Rorq should be the last word in mining. Excavators are a good way to balance unattended mining. A ship with lasers would only lose a hull. Losing excavators will cost you more than a lost rorq, but at least you get to keep the hull if you have friends and take steps.

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rorqs are fine, the ability to 50 box them is the problem… get smart you people

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Leave rorq yield where it is, but make excavators controlled like fighters. Solves every problem overnight.

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