Idea for Rorqual nerf - more content?

so i got this brainwave recently:

remove mining drones from rorqual
fit rorqual with special mining laser that relies on industrial core timer
while industrial core is active PANIC cannot be switched on
if rorqual loses shields while mining laser is active, laser enters feedback loop
and ship explodes

Am i good or wot?

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You had me in the first lines, but then …


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You should look into having less of those brainwaves.


So why exactly would we need this change?

It would also be super random. Depending on your luck with the cycel, you can PANIC right when the dreadbomb sieges or explode against a few leshaks

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or wot



for fun and content: i think right now it’s too easy for rorquals to relax and mine, we need to make them more on edge.

if we take away the free ability to use panic whenever they need and beef up the rorqual’s own defence drawbacks or something similar this could be fun…it doesn’t have to be this.

I also think miners in general have life way too easy.

Let’s see rocks explode and cause damage to hulks for those lazy twats who just sit there for hours enjoying the free isk.

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