Rorqual Industrial Core Burst effect to limit effective vessel spam

Yes that’s a long title, but it pretty much describes the idea.

The perceived problem: The Rorqual on its own mines a lot, but not in a market destabilizing way. However large numbers of the vessel can be used in a group effectively by a single person, or large groups to disrupt established balancing trends. This coupled with the fact that the Rorqual is very hard to kill with up to 5 minutes being needed to destroy it in addition to its support fleet, means that large fleets of Rorquals can be seen as a broken meta.

A proposed solution: The industrial core is modified by adding a large burst effect to the module on start up, that affects all other ships in the area, giving them a 50% penalty to excavator mining yield/time. This effect lasts 5 mins, and stacks without penalty.

The desired effect: With this small change the Rorqual can no longer sustain being spammed in mass numbers on the same belt. Meaning that Rorquals must spread out over larger areas to remain equally effective. This also encourages using the bonused links to support barges which are unaffected by the Core’s burst.

I’m putting this idea forward because several members of the community said it was worth mentioning. Thank you for reading.


Why not just prevent activation of Industrial Core within X range of another active Industrial Core?

I vaguely remember having suggested the same multiple times on other forum characters. :thinking:

I reason that there are situations that would warrant having multiple boosting Rorquals in the same area. To that end I think halving the excavator mining amount to any other vessel achieves the stated goal without removing having the option for multiple boosting ships.

If command ship mining drones were nerfed we would not be having this discussion.

Industrial command ships were never supposed to be the “best exhumer”.

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