Replacement for blackout - Rorqual mining bonuses tied to deployed mode

Blackout is soon gone. Reducing EVE subsciption numbers are probably reason for this. I have idea how to make high efficiency Rorqual mining harder.

High efficiency mining should always be dangerous high visibility activity and require team work. Rorquals should only be able to get mining bonuses when they are in deployed mode. Deployed mode could activate logoff timer that prevents logging off for certain amount of time. In deployed mode Rorquals would be unable to cloak or move. There could also be 1-3 minute undeployment time for Rorquals.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

They opted for quantity or quality.

As for Industrial Command Ships, there is no reason to even have mining bonuses, they are supposed to be the boosters not the miners.

Nerf mining drones.

It’s simple: You limit the number of ships that can have an active industrial core to 1 around several hundred kilometers around an asteroid/ice field/ore anom (which should be abolished) warp in beacon. Only 1 Rorqual can go into industrial core. Moreover, only a Rorqual in industrial core can PANIC.

If you do this, people have to go back to Exhumers to mass mine a belt. Exhumers have lower yield than even the current Rorqual iteration. You have effectively cut down the mining yield without impacting how many alts people can bring to the field. You have returned the Rorqual to its originally intended design as the most amazing miner booster in the game. You can then even give it back some of the reduced Excavator mining yield to make up for the limitation.

It would lead to more things like this massive welp and it would drive people away from massive multiboxing over time as it did with this guy and his over 40 characters.

Sooooooo… industrial core?

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