(Idea) Rorqual changes and module updates

Good day all.
I have an idea for new modules for the Rorqual,
However a change would need to be made to the hull bonuses to accommodate balance for them.
The change would be removing its bonuses to command burst effects and drone damage and mining bonuses.

My idea would replace the P.A.N.I.C module with the following 3 new modules

The first module would be similar to the P.A.N.I.C however in stead of being a one use defensive module,
It has a flat bonus to defense while fit, offers enhanced fleet assistance bonuses to armour and shield bursts effects but not to skirmish or information burst effects.
The module would be able to be activated like P.A.N.I.C to make the Rorqual and any mining ships within range temporarily invulnerable, Once its activation cycle has completed It will burn out and require repairing. It would require an active lock on an asteroid to activate this module.

The second new module would be offensive, It would require the industrial core to be online to activate this module.
While active this modules effects would be Increasing combat drone speed, tracking, optimal range and drone defenses and offering bonuses to skirmish and information burst effects but not to shield or armour burst effects,

The third new module would be a mining enhancer, It would require the industrial core to be online to activate.
While active this module would offer Enhanced bonuses to mining foreman bursts and increase the harvester drones yield and reduce the mining duration of harvester drones.

Only one module may be fit at a time.
Activating any of these modules will incur an aggression timer.
These modules should be of a size to dissuade people from carrying multiple types at once in the Rorqual.

These changes would create much more opportunity for people to use a Rorqual,
This would not just put Rorquals back in belts, it would put them there in greater number and without breaking the games economy as to receive all the effects the current Rorqual offers, you would need 3,
2 of which would not have the invulnerability of a panic module.

“I have felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

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