Rorqual Reassignment

Hello fellow Capsuleers,
Since you (CCP) are dead set to change the mining game play I had an Idea for the Rorqual.

First off change the Rorqual as it stands to a mobile POS and you can even deploy POS guns.

The way to set this up would be for the Rorqual to be cyno’ed into a system that you wish to mine in. then to set up the Rorqual for deployment you will need to use your Industrial Core to set up the POS then you will need your Pulse Activated Invulnerability Core for the shield. With the Jump Clone Bay you can take your mining buddies with you. After you are set up you can operate your ship as a Compression array and booster for your mining fleet, they bring the ore to your ship. The Rorqual Pilot will not be allowed to leave the ship during the time it is deployed. and you will be using Strontium and Heavy Water to fuel the ship in this configuration. The Maximum time would be 3 Days with the Max fuel and skills before it would need refueling, since you cannot leave your ship the fuel will have to either be trucked in or bring deployable containers to house your fuel.

During the time the Rorqual is set up in POS mode it will be vulnerable to attack and can be put into reinforced mode. During this time the Rorqual will not be able to move or function and if you can not refuel it in time it can be attacked just like a Large POS used to. As for the POS guns they will operate automatically during the times the pilot is offline and have to be manned when the pilot is online Remove the drone bay and add it to the ore hold.

Basically this will allow null sec players to truly take the Rorqual out and use it and to mine in systems that usually are not mined do to the risk being too high. Plus make it so if you are at war or there are some truly dedicated players they can actually interrupt your mining operation.

As for the Orca it would act like a Medium POS and be primarily used in High and Lo Sec’s the Porpoise would be for all areas and would not have the ability to put into POS mode.

Please Remember that this is a basic idea and would need refining.


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I think this would be cool.

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