Mining Squadrons For Orca

What if we could give to the Orca the ability to use Mining Squadrons , just like supercarriers use Fighter Squadrons ?
The mining amount could stay the same , but instead it could have these Mining Squadrons that you could send to asteroid belts by just warping them there. Once there, each Mining Squadron could randomly pick asteroids , mine them and then warp back to the Orca , that can be say outside of a player structure, then go back and mine more.
I don’t see any negative impact on this , gankers could gank them in the belts and if they want to gank the Orca they can just bump it outside tether range. You could also give new players the ability to control them , like a multi crew ship.
You are already doing this while parking your Orca in an asteroid belt , give each drone a rock to mine and go AFK after that.

Why do miners keep coming up with new ways to aspire to be bots?

The Orca may actually lose its ability to mine if CCP Rattati gets his way.


I have my own orca fleet but I don’t want auto anything except maybe auto fleet.

Main reasons being that when I move my group to a new ice belt, some of them will always be kicked off by the server, so I have to keep logging back in, re-inviting to fleet, re-accepting etc. Very tedious when this can happen several times including to the FC of the group so I keep having to give the job back to him…

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They have to decide for a direction . Keep it as it is , and from here we can go to the next level or make it again what it was, a boosting ship. We can go back or forward with this.

The next level you’re describing is what the Rorqual is for, which can run Excavator Drones with insane M3/s.

The Rorqual can’t be used in highsec and highsec needs it’s own Rorqual, not just limit that to the big whales in the game.

Leave highsec and earn more than the pennies highsec provides. Problem solved!

It’s a matter of preference for everyone, some like highsec, some like lowsec, j-space, Pochven, nullsec . Yeah, so don’t just come around and tell people to move and play the game you want them to play , because it’s not going to work for you . This is 2021, no one is that stupid anymore , this would have worked for you maybe up until 2010.

Do you in any way believe mining is an exciting activity to do?

Do you do PI, PI is a form of AFK and is exactly a bot behavior in it’s own way, make some clicks walk away, come back when cycle completes, collect and cash in, how is that different from AFK mining?

If anyone does PI but hates miners AFK’ing then they are full on hypocrites, activities built into this game as they are, anytime someone proposes changes to mining the gaslighting and dumpster fire folk come out on mass to oppose changes.

CCP wants limits on mining and mineral resources, fine, make it so mining is done same as PI where you set your planetary mining colonies up and they mine for you at a set pace that CCP deems acceptable.

Alpha accounts can only mine Veldspar on a limited basis, obviously amounts limited by skill level as a way to insure someone doesn’t make 100+ alpha accounts and exploit.

Get rid of asteroid belts, anomalies of asteroids and such, AFK mining gone, your fixation with others replaced with something else but at least your bot fantasies of mining will be solved.

Ice mining, replaced with ice facilities on moons and planets, MAKE MOONS GREAT AGAIN!!!

Again ice mining restricted to Omega accounts (encouragement to subscribe).

Mining skills now changed to “new skills” for planetary mining and moon mining.

But of course try ramming this through, gone are complaints of:

• AFK miners.

• Unfair ganking

• unfair ship tanks on mining barges because mining barges and command industrial ships as they wont be needed and thus eve history.

• No more chore for miners sitting for hours earning meager wages in high sec thus leaving everyone free to roam with other activities.

• And much more.

CCP will have an ISK sink and plex sink as people subscribe to take advantage of mining in it’s new style or not, amounts to be adjusted by CCP as needed for balance in game.

Anyway a wall of text that means nothing because eve is a game where the status quo thrives.

Takes the most afk friendly ship in the game and wants to make it even more afk.

It’s not even just that, squadrons from carriers can’t be effectively used afk, so this idea isn’t trying to make ‘squadrons’ at all. Its making an entirely new type of mechanic JUST for afk-friendly play.

And it doesn’t even stop there. He wants to be tethered whilst he mines…

No you fool.

I really hope it gets a yield nerf.

It really doesn’t.

No risk. No reward.

I can dislike the way PI works but not be dumb enough to not exploit the risk free passive income.

If they nerfed PI tomorrow I would not complain either.


Calm down miner. Your wall of text is stretching more than my cat in the morning.

Not if you automate them and make them work just like normal drones.

You are terribly wrong . There are lots of Orcas that get ganked in Eve. As for the rewards … have you ever asked yourself if those matter for some players or not ?
Do you think everyone in Eve plays so he can just make the most ISK/h possible ? Some just play the game for what it is , just for entertainment and don’t care that much about the ISK.

Oh, so you like the PI bot like activity and do it , but you have something against AFK mining , that btw it is not risk free as you described PI . Saying this is obviously that you haven’t done mining or suicide ganking in Eve.

I hope that one day all of the miners will leave Eve. Then you will have to reprocess loot to build ships, but that is going to be limited and the price of ship hulls it’s going to explode . PvP is going to be a luxury, even the lowest form of PvP that you do.

Clearly not enough though.

Then you won’t mind if they get a yield nerf.

I just said i don’t like how PI works.

But why would i turn down risk free passive income?

And yeah, its risk free. My PI is in a 0.1 system. But it’s easy enough to get in and out.

The Orca is technically a sub-capital ship. There is NO justification for a sub-capital ship to be allowed to use squadrons. Your justification isn’t in line with the mechanics.

It really would make more sense to ask for Upwell structures to have mining squadrons…

I would have nothing against this. To have a structure from where I could launch Mining Squadrons and send them to the asteroid belts to mine.
There’s nothing risk free with it either . You can be war dec and your Mining Squadrons can be ganked.

Read my first reply to FORCY.

But it happens and it proves that it is not risk free as you describe it , check zkill for ganked Orcas.
Stop spreading false information that it is risk free , risk free means 0 ganked Orcas.

So two things:

I never said mining was risk free.

And the amount of orcas mining and not getting ganked matters. The amount of orcas that are ganked a drop in the ocean compared to how many mine without being ganked.

Then re-read your first post here . No offense but at this point you are trolling or suffer from amnesia or other memory related problem.

Perhaps you’ve misread me.

Quote the specific line so i can help you understand.