This Forum is about the slow mining speed of Orca. Please have a look at this for a second (All Miners)

Guys as you all know that Orca is a pretty good mining ship with a huge ore hold but it lacks in mining speed. A Rorqual can easily stretch up to 10k m3 per minute but Orca cannot even reach 2k m3 per minute.

Some of you might say that Orca has a very good ore hold and good for fleet mining so it doesn’t matter.
I know that, but look at Rorqual it has good mining speed, huge ore hold and can provide massive boosts to other mining ships.

Don’t you feel that it is unfair for Orca for the price that your are paying, even Exhumers outperform Orca with good skills and they also come with a low price as compared to Orca.

I think Orca needs some re balancing.
I want your opinion people what do you think. If I’m wrong so please correct me.

Thank you


The Orca was originally created to be a boosting and ore hauling ship…it can currently mine way more that it used to be able to. It’s main purpose is still as a boosting/hauling/fleet support ship. If you want to mine a lot in highsec, use a Hulk…that’s not what the Orca was meant for.

Also…you can’t compare the Orca to a Rorqual…two different beasts :wink:


Yes it is unfair and CCP should nerf Rorqual to fix this.


Oh right one that note, the sleipnir is also very bad at mining for a command ship. It should get a 5000% mining amount bonus for mining drones too.

Oh wait the Orca is a command ship, not a mining boat.


Orca is a 650 million ISK investment and 3 weeks of training for the basic skill requirements. It can mine in the relative safety of highsec.

Rorqual is a 1.5 billion ISK investment + 500 million each for the excavator drones and 3 months training for the basic skill requirements. It is restricted to higher risk regions of space.

Orca represents an excellent value as is.


as Do Little perfectly explained it, a well fitted rorqual + excavs costs 5-10B. So OP’s suggestion is a bad idea

a dominix does 500 dps, a supercapital does much more,should dominix be rebalanced???

Nerf all drone mining imo.


Remove ability to mine for orca. only boost. and ban in hisec.


As a now solo player (all my mates have left EVE), I mine with a exhumer most of the time. When the bankers come calling, from time to time I mine in my Orca. This is great fun when they fly in on me only to find not what they were looking for.

When they leave, I go back to exhumer and mine at a reasonable speed again.

OBTW - both the Orca and the exhumer are fitted to tank, not to maximize mining.

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Mining Drones were added so that Boost pilots don’t get bored. It would be more interesting if the Orca was broken down into multiple hulls.

  1. ore/mineral freighter
  2. command destroyer, with fleet refitter
  3. logistics cruiser with some unique form of RR

All from Outer Ring NPC line-up. In the past miners have wondered what’s next after maxing their hulks - well now there more to expand.

Then delete mining drones, all of them.

So 3 alts instead one and still any of them wont mine. No one will use this. Especially when other ships do this roles better.

Problem with orca is that it is miner then command ship while it shouldn’t have ability to mine and be banned in hisec

I agree with you 100%. I’ve noticed a pattern in that most ships in Eve have strengths and weaknesses.

I’m a little confused as to why the Rorqual has the BEST yield, the BEST boost, and the BEST ore hold out of all the mining vessels.

I agree with most of you- Orca is fine as is.

rorq is also largely more expensive
his drones can be killed or stolen and are worth 500M-1B each
Rorq is stuck and cannot warp out with indy core active
so… i think rorq has drawbacks, no?

simply put.

So all three pilots get bored or are alts you tab to when needed? Sounds great… at removing the whole point of CCPs changes.

“no” as in “no, the orca should not be changed for more mining yield”? (to OP) ?
or no as in “no, rorqual isn’t more expensive than orca, is not stuck while in indy core, has no drawback” (to me)?

There are good odds that the Orca is the most popular mining vessel in highsec currently.
This indicates that it doesn’t need any buffing. It may he balanced enough it also doesn’t need any needing of course, but certainly no need for a buff.


Again, I think that the only buff needed is more tank for the barges.

The covetor has base 2k shield HP.
A caracal has 4k, and the fitting for a LSE.
A nereus has 1k , but the fitting for 2 LSE so it easily gets to 8k HP.

add 6k HP to each barge so that they reach 8k HP total. procurer still gains more because traits.

add 6k HP to the shield of exhumers, same reasons.


Or add pg/cpu and slots to bring them up to the fitting space of a cruiser.
So that it takes knowledge and skills to reach that ehp, and fail fits are possible.
Of course then having 3 different barges gets a bit silly and one barge fitted differently would really cover them all, but eh.

Raw ehp bonuses that make them equivilant of fitted ships on a bare hull are a bad choice regardless.

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The covetor has ONE mid slot. It’s just a joke of a ship, it’s made to have no fitting at all.

Then people complain that the orca is used more than the covetor …