The Orca

I heard a birdy say they were planning to nerf the Orca . . Why?
This ship is way useful in so many ways . . Fleet mining is the main stay of this vessel.
What could they possibly get by nerfing it?
What would they nerf

the ship is not a mining ship… its a command ship, that happens to be able to mine.

The best nerf they can do, is limit one per 1000km. That way the majority of mining ships that are mining, are actual mining ships, and not a fleet of whales


Calm down, miner. Like you said, fleet mining is what this vessel is for - boosting other mining ships. The Orca should never have had mining capabilities.


Any citation on ccp telling that?

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His opinion is a valid one.
plus from Wiki: The Orca is a mining support ship
It should have very limited mining abilities if not none other than supporting actual mining ships…

miners are bypassing barges and exhumers for the orca…


Then, maybe they should buff useless barges and overpriced exhumers instead nerfing everything to the ground? While orca needs rebalance. There is many options to make it viable support ship rather than solo miner.


Barges and exhumers are in a good spot. If people pick the Orca as solo miner for any reason over a barge or exhumer, the issue is the Orca itself.


That is not the issue.

The ORCA is chosen because it is the one vessel people choose to mine with that does not require you to babysit it often. Not just to lots of storage for ore but also great vs ganks because of it tank.

In highsec, the ultimate AFK miner.


A Machariel or Vagabond doesn’t care how much EHP your AFK Orca has. It’s still going to go flying in a random direction at a high rate of speed.

Having said that, any Exhumer can out-mine an Orca. The Orca mining command boosts do NOT apply to mining drones. Not to mention that Exhumers only cost 300 million, whereas an Orca costs 2 billion.

The Orca is not, and was never intended to be, a solo mining ship…


Hang on, let me try:

Don’t tell me how to play, griefer!




What about the Vexor?





I’d rather consider a problem with that people.

Mining in this game is utter ■■■■, and the saddest part is that it is so by design.

How much better would the game have been if mining consisted of shooting asteroids with normal weapons in order to break them up, and then you had to use a special tractor beam to reel in floating chunks of rocks to your ship, prioritizing the biggest ones before they float away beyond recovery?

Also, the yields in such a system could be predominantly determined by the visual size of the chunks brought in (or via some kind of other visual metric, like by the amount of shiny bits embedded into the rocks). Imagine how much less botting there would be in the game, because instead of powering bots by simple overview-based AHK scripts, they’d require extremely advanced, real-time OCR analysis that would likely need machine learning and powerful hardware to work.


i like eve mining
wen the belts had asteroids …
mini games to mine apear to be a good idea but
THEY ARE ■■■■■■■ NOT
the more complicated the mini game the more boring it is in the long run
same old day after day, that boring ■■■■ , like being forced to solve a bad puzzle , or play a kids game
be in a nice looking environment , with your friends or alone watching at a progression bar / the grass grow is way better , is like taking a walk , its zen , you can be lost in your thoughts , or chatting with someone …
AKA eve did it right

trust me
im an expert


I believe the Orca having mining abilities is fair. I say this when you consider it being a Capital Command Ship that doesn’t have the ability to even protect its own fleet. And the other fact that you would be creating a mining position for someone that would be really bored as it stands today.

If we wanted to discuss what could be some trade-offs if CCP wanted to remove mining capabilities. A buff to drone bandwidth and damage to give it the upper hand to stop a gank. A major buff to time to lock a target to give it the upper hand of stopping a gank. Major buff to ore hold capacity so it is on the field longer. Buff to remote shield, armor, or hull repair with range to keep fleet members alive. Buff to statis webifiers and the list goes one. I am not trying to make a PVP god, but my point is it needs to have capabilities to actually help the fleet stay alive and stop a gank. Even if that is a new mining bastion module that sets you in place, and creates a risk to align and warp out when a fleet threat is coming.

As everyone is saying it is a command ship. And if you took away the mining part of it, then it should be set up to be in command. It should have the capabilities to protect its fleet and support its fleet as you would expect a command ship to do.

But as it stands, if you took mining from the Orca, it would be an overpriced ship that no one would buy and I don’t think that is the balance we are looking for.



I know that suggestion from somewhere. :thinking:

Oh, yes, I keep suggesting that exact same thing for the Rorqual time and again. I am glad to see that respected forum veterans pay attention to basic user suggestions. :slight_smile:

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People like you make the game worse. Speaking like you’re a representative of CCP when they themselves have gone back on their own word in the past. Orca doesn’t deserve a nerf. You deserve to quit. People who always have a problem with something in a video game like you people are majority reason why the game is dying.


Calm down, miner.



People get upset about their virtual video game incomes being reduced almost as much as they get upset by real-life job pay cuts, and I simply can’t wrap my mind around that.