Buffing the orca

My idea is to allow the orca to use one ‘Excavator’ Mining Drone or a set of 5 t1 or t2 mining drones but not both at the same time

Do comment, rate and just talk if you like it or want change it in some other way.

Please provide at least one valid reason why this is needed?

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more options for the orca player to use. Have one better drone can out mine the t2 mining drones but cost alot more or use 5 t2 drones and mine at a slower rate but cost little.

In high sec gangers can just set up a small party to pop the drone for killmails and in null you ■■■■ if tackel anyways. It just give them more more options to use when mining.

Do note the ‘Excavator’ Mining Drone cost “ALOT”

Cost is never a balancing factor. Cost is irrelevant in EvE. Just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean the next guy can’t afford 10,000 of them.

I really should have asked you to explain why you think you need a higher reward for mining in highsec.


but 1 drone cost more than full fit orca with tech 2 rigs :scream::thinking:

Yes, there are people in EvE dumb enough to use billion isk drones where they’re most likely to lose them, otherwise this thread would have never started. This doesn’t factor into balancing where they can be used, however. Ergo, cost is not a balancing factor.

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The Orca can already use 5 T2 mining drones… EDIT: Nevermind, I see what you’re saying now, and no…

well as soon as these excavators allowed to use on orca they gonna be like 2b a pop on market and every single person considered himself as a pro pirate would hunt them in high sec belts like a madman.

I don’t know how big difference in mining would that be. But I like this as a ganker. I would go hunting excavators drones immediately…

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Excavators are not really needed for the orca, augmented drones do very well, a compression bay for and orca, now that’s grrrreat.


CCP should finally do what they supposed to do with Orca long time ago and prove they have balls. Remove its freaking cargo hold and related bonus and leave ore bay and corp hangar. The cargo hold could be something arround 900k not more. SMH should be increased a little bit but not to size of where BS could fit.

That would finally remove it from haulers role which stops people using that as sub freighter and start actually using as mining platform for high sec.

Otherwise its crazy when shotgun 16 days you have already could fly that thing for hauling purpose.

SMH needs more size actually. The issue CCP have is that they’ve set SMH’s up by volume, rather than by X frigates, Y Cruisers etc. Which means that the volume needed to store a few cruisers for rat shooting & a few mining barges means you can then haul BS’s and other such things.

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No we don’t need to buff the orcas yield. It creates the game play of finding a quiet system with a bunch of these and afk mining belts.

The current yield now is right where it should be, worse than barges.

The orca shouldn’t carry battleships, or compress and i like that it has a cargo hold!

Honestly it’s an incredible ship. You’re insane if you think it needs buffing.

Orca received a huge buff a year ago with the Ascension expansion.

People who want higher yields need to realize that Eve has a player driven economy. If you increase supply without increasing demand the price goes down. Tritanium is already selling as low as 1.5 ISK in Nullsec - it isn’t worth the Jump Freighter fees to ship it to highsec and they are mining way more than they can consume locally.

Ask CCP to increase the mineral content of ships or modules - increase demand, not supply.

Edit: better idea: ask CCP to complete module tiercide. Player built meta modules will require a T1 as part of the bill of material which should soak up a lot of minerals. It’s been over 3 years since they first announced it …


Actually you are wrong, with the right fit, max skills, and a few other things they mine better yields than any unboosted barge, but worse than exhumers…(and still sport a healthy tank)

Still though Orca’s need no Buff.

Make citadel rigs cost minerals instead of salvage - demand increased, price tags for rigs fixed.
Two birds and one gun.

And what would you use salvage for then?

Why not salvage and minerals for rigs?

I said citadel rigs and nothing about rigs for ships. Despite the near infinite availability of t2 salvage, regular ship rigs price tags are to high or the sellers of them are high like a kite and need to be punished.

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