Dedicated orca booster V more miners?

Some of our corp is getting into industry in highsec and we have wondered about this. If we have 5 people online mining, is it worth it for one of those miners to stop and get in an Orca/Porpoise for boosts as well as being an ore hold so none of us need to keep warping to the station every 10 minutes? Is it still worth it when there’s only 3 of us online or 2? Even with the Orca using augmented mining drones, I don’t think he would be pulling in the same amount of ore as if he was just in a barge.

I maxed out my Orca skills and now just use my Orca to mine with Augmented Drones. Im just a little slower than i am in my mack. I just don’t have to dock anymore. It does make for a very boring day though. Each drone should get their own ore rock. don’t put all your drones on one rock. Also you should move your Orca close to the rocks, but stay aligned to a station in case of gankers. AB’s help get you to warp speed faster. My two cents…

You will have more yield with an Industrial Command Ship providing boosts, but that ship, unless it is a rorqual with excavators, will not provide the same yield of a hulk/skiff. If you are truly interested in maxing out your yields, consider coming to 0.0 with an industrial corp that can help you achieve the real mining yields that can make you wealthy.

We can do that.

You will make more off the high yield ores and have better yields with rorqual boosts. Think about it, and let your miners know we are looking for people to take the next step.


If you have three T2 fit Hulks mining, replacing one of them with a T2 fit porpoise pays off. That’s just considering mining related modules and rigs (and drones, for the porpoise) and with all relevant skills maxed. The Orca is only slightly better than the Porpoise.

I think using in HS orca is needed for any mining fleet. Sorry but orca have bigger cargo and if you operate it properly you don’t need hauler for ore :slight_smile:

With maxed orca and mining drones, each augmented drone have 333m3 per 60sec. So it is more than mackinaw and maybe a little higher than skiff without boosts.Of course it’s only on paper since you need to count time for drones to came back to orca, so you need to be quite close to asteroid belt.

Orca for solo isn’t that bad but if you get any mining barges with it the benefits increase for everyone. Case of gangers are same :slight_smile: just check local, and when number of people increase rapidly something is on the way. if you will not be afk you should easily go away. The weakest stuff in fleet are always barges and i don’t test it but you can store two barges in orca and if he is a little tanky should survive it (depend on amount of gankers “size”).

The power of Math will solve this problem.

No Boosts (everything assumes T2 drones with a 75% efficiency due to travel, 2 mining mods, All Vs, Mindlink)
T2 Mack/Skif = 24.35M3/s
T2 Hulk = 32.55M3/s
Orca = 16.88M3/s

With Boosts
T2 Mack/Skif = 37.95M3/s
T2 Hulk = 51.75M3/s
Orca = 16.88M3/s

So if you are using Macks or Skiff with no boosts , Hulks are a bit impractical without a hauler.
3 = 73.05M3/s
5 = 121.75M3/s

With boosts .
2+1 = 92.78M3/s
4+1 168.68M3/s

Orca + Boosts + 4 Hulks = 223.88M3/s


Yeah and a Ferrari 550 Maranello is just slightly better than a Ford Taurus…

1 more command module
1% stronger and longer bursts (50% increase in bonus, not insignificant to a dedicated indy group)
Double it’s own mining drone yield…
Oh yeah, like 300k m3 to store ore between hauls
Longer ranges for beams scanners and boosters…

…slightly… hahaha

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You forgot:
Way more tank
8X larger Fleet hanger
Ship Bay
Shield booster bonus.
Better combat drones.

With a MWD it goes into warp in a similar time frame so its just really cost and warp speed that are issues (Also mass for WHs).

Way to take my post out of context, Forseti. I was talking about one specific aspect of one particular situation.

Interesting, this seems to mean its almost always better to get an Orca in fleet since the Orca has plenty of space for ore. With two accounts: 1 Mack/Skiff + 1 Orca yields are greater than 2 Mack/Skiff with no boosts. Same with 2+1 if running three accounts.

Anybody want to do the maths for using a Porpoise instead of an Orca?

The short answer is a booster weather it be an orca or porpoise or rorqual is always better than none. They can hold more ore than a miner and boost yield massively.

1 orca + 1 hulk beats the mining yield of 2 hulks by a little but is actually far ahead because you can mine for over an hour before unloading is required. Once you have a certain number of people mining for a long time without a rorqual it actually pays to have a dedicated hauler thus keeping the boosts up full time.

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