Change Orca ice drone harvesting bonus to 75% reduction

Currently if an orca pilot is overseeing a ore mining operation the orca pilot can mine just about as much as an exhumer but if the orca pilot is overseeing an ice mining operation the orca pilots mining via ice drones is only about 1/3 or so of an exhumer.

I realize the the orca has better boosts for ore mining than ice mining but that is little comfort to the orca pilot overseeing ice mining operations.

So, please increase the ice drone mining benefit on the orca to 75% reduction in ice drone mining duration.

Or… Decrease the ore mining a bit. It should not be keeping up with a fully boosted exhumer (assuming it is since you haven’t provided info on boost levels, barge mining speed and orca mining speed here)

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An orca mines as fast as an unboosted covetor ore wise (~25m3/s). It mines slightly faster than an unboosted endurance ice wise(~20m3/s); the covetor does 26m3/s.

No, we should decrease the Ore volume mined.

That way new players won’t get confused and think Orca is a “Better Exhumer”.

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It actually should in my opinion because the rorqual took over ‘core’ mining in nullsec and the orca should take over ‘core’ mining in highsec (should someone want to risk 900+ million mining in highsec that is).

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The tank on the orca is better isk per ehp value than the hulk or mack. And since it is a drone miner it doesn’t lose its low slots to MLU either.
So it most certainly should not also get better yields as well. Otherwise exhumers lose all reason to exist.

It stops getting better yields once boosts come into play even ignoring that drones overstate their paper numbers because of idle time, travel, and small batch sizes.

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I think they don’t worth flying allready, taken their cost/mining yeld .

This comment is sadly late, it should have been made when the rorqual mess was being considered. Now that that mess is securely in game, this is just the logic and fair thing to do in highsec.

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