Orca and New Mining Drones? (Mining been around for 20 years)

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Let’s start with the Orca this is a very fun ship and it’s time we give it some love with some basic changes and adding on to it to bring it up to the standard of mining. Many BIG ships like battleships have fitting of 8 high slots. Doing this won’t change much to the gameplay other than allowing more fits to be done and not in the sense of making it more of a combat orca.

Next, the game has been around for 20 years it’s time we look at allowing it to mine like one of the mining barges and not like a Hulk. With a max-out orca, you should be able to mine up like a T1 covetor. or just under a little bit.

It’s time we look at making different sizes of mining drones and not types. Just like the fighters we have light and heavy fighters. It’s time we have light drilling class and heavy drilling class. Light class of drones could work on orca and rorquals only. The heavy class is just for the rorqual only.

I’m only here to post new ideas or game-changing ideas.
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It’s time we work hard to keep adding new content to the game!
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If you say so

The Orca was changed some time ago by CCP to make it a mining command/support ship NOT a solo mining ship like barges

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One issue that I have with this is that you seem to be advocating disallowing smaller mining ships from using “light” mining drones. Which, unless I am misunderstanding, is a recontextualization of the mining drones we have currently, in your proposed system. Currently mining drones are available to any ship with enough bandwidth, if I am not mistaken, and such a change would nerf every other mining ship with a drone bay. If you are instead suggesting adding two larger versions of mining drones you may wish to call them medium and heavy respectively, in line with the current classification for scout drones.

CCP will NOT make mining drones for the Orca as it will reverse the decision they have already made that the orca is a command/support ship

Considering a brick tanked orca will do 520m3 in 60 seconds, or 1,040

a T1 rigged drone Orca 680/60, 1,360/120


T1 Covetor with T1 strips and full rack of T1 mining upgrades doing 1,148 in 135 seconds.

I think its high time for the GM’s or Dev’s to put a muzzle on this character indefinitely (ban from the forum) for constant trolling.

And CCP is never wrong :slight_smile: But there is always the risk of when they set up to fix a mistake they end up making another one, or a bigger one. And i think thats where alot of skepticism from players come when new ideas come up. They dont trust CCP to implement them properly. Thats the elephant in the room as far as i can tell.

Excavator’ Mining Drone, can only be used by the Rorqual
(Rorqual - EVE University Wiki)
So the Rorqual has it’s own class of mining drone already :wink:

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