Can CCP give Orca one missle slot

Can CCP give Orca one missile slot, so that I won’t handle my mining drone every time when rats come in.
No any slot is not making eve life easier but trouble.

You just have to switch it out for regular drones.

The thing is, Orcas are not designed as mining vessels, they are designed as mining fleet support vessels.

If you dont want to decrease yield that much, have one of your retreivers or skiffs or whatever swap out their drones for light or medium ones.

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Well, it’s messy every time to switch to a regular drones.
It’s time to make a further upgrade of the Orca design concepts for those who are solo miners.
Real life technology is something that makes life easier but not to make it that someone feel it’s a silly messy operations. But not so of the EVE vessel design.

Note that whoever replied to you assumed by default that you are running multiple accounts :slight_smile:

Solo miners are not the intended audience for EVE. Solo anything are not what EVE should be balanced around - because balnce for solo is completely different from balance for a group. And EVE is a multiplayer game. You are welcome to play it independently, but it is not and should not be optimized for that play style.

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No .

Because then I place each drone on an asteroid separately , load FoF missiles on the launcher , then go AFK without losing any drone to NPCs. This will encourage AFK Orca mining even more.
I’m looking forward for the Orca changes that CCP promised and I hope the drone mining yield bonus gets removed or cut by half.

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New Citizens Q&A isn’t your place to beg for changes to the game.

As this isn’t really appropriate for New Citizen Q&A, I’ll be closing it. Thank you.

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