High Sec Orca AFK problem solved?

Hello all i have had an idea that i would like to share with you that could possibly improve the problems we have with AFK mining and in particular Orca’s.

It seems that people are getting away with just AFK mining in orcas instead of actually playing the game and with the recent nerfs to roids i have had an idea to keep people interested and help people get in fleets and enjoy the social aspects of mining again.

As such here is my proposal:

Orca’s have the ore from mining drones go into their cargo bay instead of just dropped straight into their Ore hold.

the cargo bay should be reduced to accommodate 1 full all V skilled mining drone yeild plus say 300m3 for anything else that said ship may be carrying.

in addition to this the drones should after dropping the ore Return to mining but if the ore is not cleared before they return then the ore the drones are carrying should be lost to the harsh conditions of space therefor depleting roids and making it harder a downside to being AFK.

But now the good bit:

The Orca’s Boost For mining Speed should apply to the drones to compensate for Actively playing which would be a sizeable buff to mining in the long run as you would accumulate ore faster.

I hope you all like my idea and we could discus this further to work some of the kinks out

Lost Touch

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Just reduce the dumb thing’s structure hitpoints. Let nature take its course.



Reduce the max orca yield to about the same as a T1 fitted Proc, up the boost a little. Make all ore and ice anoms into cosmic sigs so you have to scan them down.

Result of that would be orcas would pretty much just be used as boosters, the reduced yield would still give the pilot something to do while in fleet. Changing anoms into sigs means you have to scout/scan and put some effort into it. As sigs can be anywhere you have to put some effort into the logistics.


There is already a solution. A bump Machariel. Their drones won’t be mining a damn thing after I punt their Orca 100km outside of the belt…


i can see where your coming from with your idea but id say that would be a little extreme.

And if you would like to be employed by CCP to bump every orca in the game then that would be cool for us and you :slight_smile:

Nope all around. None of the ideas in this thread are any good so far.

nice of you to say that and offer absolutely no reason or go into any sort of depth.
CCP should hire you to be a paper weight.


Just leave the orcas alone,take back the ore nerf and make pvp in high impossible is the only solution that will bring back players…

Bottom line

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To be honest mate not many people have left, I like the changes alot.

People just want to get fat with no risk and no time invested.

I think it’s important that people play the game like an active game.


why you dont want to just solve the problem? it is the afk mining yield orcas have, nerf them to the ground and you are done
to 1/3 sounds ok for me

and bring warp scrambling npc with at least -3 points stenght in the roaming npc groups who are only targeting bigger ships with it

Take away the Orca’s mining ability and make it a boost only ship, giving an available boost only within a belt. As a trade off I would consider giving it ore compression.


Wow not a single good idea in the whole bunch! You are talking about mining, the thing that allows you to make a ship. Everything mentioned in this forum post is about crippling the ore market, something CCP is already doing. The game requires ore be produced so the market doesn’t crash and you are suggesting we basically stop producing ore and then small ship prices will increase to titan prices and larger ships will cost as much as Keepstars. Imagine spending $500 USD on 15400 plex to buy a Retriever or Hulk. You are talking about reducing the income of the new players and players still under the 10 years playing Eve Online mark. If they try to stop afk mining, they would be losing even more new players. There is a direct link between players quiting and forced PVP, such as CODE, PIRAT, or other “asteroid police” and “gate camping” extortion rackets. If you think that Eve Online is not losing players then you obviously never seen the Eve Online Retention rates that CCP released! There is a reason why millions of people tried Eve Online and quit within 3 months, and making the bad parts of Eve Online worse is not going to boost the population or improve the game. download|280x180


Minerals can be mined in rorquals. Highsec AFK orcas are not required.

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Wow dude you missed the whole thing dident you…

People leave eve because it gets boring hence my 3 year break so trust me I know bro.

Titan prices for a frig… over exaggerate much bro

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You missed point as well I’m not saying dont mine in it I’m saying be actively mine in it

Im going to say no for one MAJOR reason, i live in a C4 WH, if i decide i want to anchor a Tatar or other similar size structure i have 2 options A) an orca with cargo rigs and expanders, B) build the station in the hole and then deploy, if you kill the cargohold of the orca now i also have to biuld a god damn freighter just to deploy 1 structure.

It gets boring because people focus on one aspect of the game. The game is deeper then a pew pew spaceship game. You are in the shallow end of a pool complaining it’s not deep like an ocean.

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WTF does that even have to do with mining bro, irrelevant.

Another riddle answer…

Prime example of why community feedback is awful…

Orca is the only thing other then a freighter that can carry large struct res, if you kill its cargo hold now you are making it so only freighters can.