High sec an orca problems still after 2nd patch

Hi just a few things i would like to touch base on that needs to be looked at in the orca .

water tank . the water tank went from 12.500 to 16.000 . i see you tried to make is bigger but just fyi the boosting top rack will go for 5 hr it would be nice to have at least that big of a tank for water vrs what im doing now an ploping 100k in fleet an 60k in cargo an telling my fleet members they have to scuba dive to use the fleet bay .

the core on an not being able to warp is ok but wen the core is on i would sugest if anchor the orca more ie . right now if you ram the ship with a bump ship with the core on it locks the speed to that up to 212ms an slowly creeps down tell you can get the core off an re position it . with the core on even in hi sec your siting in a 2b +gank candy ship the core dosent add defense for getting it off to getting away safly . i get it you nerfed the drones to make if a suport ship but dont get why you didnt beef it up or offer somthing to help defend it . reamber topic is high sec mining . you can see orcas up in z kill bords for a refreance .if you can anchor the core i sugest free move no warp an stop the creep stuff .

water tank

core changes .

on a side note . i have noticed wen you down load eve as a new player the marketer is set to see null an low sec . as a new player thoe really there not gona see the options for safty or even know about the game . lets face it the steep learning curve is a cliff really even thoe i see your trying to fix that this is a small thing to tackle . make the unchecked to low an null in your new down loads so they cant see the lower prices an feed the parsites in low sec buying in amire for there first time looking for a cheeper item only to get shot undoking from a station . somthing im shur you over looked in protecting them .

Stop complaining. Everything is fine. These mining updates are the single best mining changes CCP has ever done. I remember mining in a Scythe into a jetcan and then coming back to haul it with a Mammoth. You have no idea how good you have it.

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not complaining just want to note there not done looking in to it

No, they’re done. This is dream mining. You have no idea what it used to be like. Right now I have Covetors all over a belt, and the Orca is 60km away and I’m still able to compress ore and receive boosts. I haven’t had to warp to station and I’ve mined out 3 belts. All my compressed ore from all 3 belts fits into a mobile tractor unit. Between the Orca’s fuel bay and cargo hold, there is hours worth of operation. If you use fleet hangar there’s even more.

If you’re gonna get ganked you’re gonna get ganked. Being immobile due to the core is completely irrelevant. You literally can’t get away; what they’ll do is have a stealth bomber or something decloak on you and point you. In 0.5 they can totally hold you long enough for the Talosi and Catalysts to land.

the 2 items are a problem an can be looked it to by ccp maby eve fixed with out to much problems . but they are a problem we all face in the orca in high sec . i just want them to know about it an make shur its posted with a date .

No, they are literally not a problem in any universe that has laws of physics.

Nothing is broken.

the 3rd item is for the new players an fostering help . somthing they over looked . unchecking a 2 boxes in the down load wouldnt hurnt them . an it might help a new player that in rookie chat looking for a low price not to head in to a festering trap . after all they did set up new player starting zones free of most of the parsites . just somthing they probly over looked .

also note to thoes that are down in low sec i didnt bring up .its low sec so no concord but gate cannons an station cannons should 1 shot them if they kill a player that has there safty on an are there .

i get it low sec . but what i didnt get is they sepreated the rock an ore but didnt spreate or define low securty as such an should look in to that on behalf of the server . low sec is really null an they might just want to change all of low to reflect that in a future patch . :slight_smile:

Orcas don’t get used in LowSec very much, even if they warped faster, they just wouldn’t be used. Porpoises and Rorquals and even then, Rorquals are a rare sight.

No. This should never be a thing.

No, it’s not.

once again your not reading the full thread on posting . but you should

Sure, just because my grandpa had no electricity back them, i should be happy if the company rip me off nowadays, just for example.

In the context of this thread, that’s as if your grandpa had no electricity, and now you’re complaining that your elecricity isn’t wireless and powered by eco-friendly green unicorn farts.

You’re not being ripped off. You’re being pampered and spoiled like a princess and still complaining that your slippers aren’t comfortable enough.

Please don’t nerf the industrial core so that it locks you in space. This would make fleet mining impossible. Imagine having your orca stuck in ones location with all those rocks tantalizingly out of reach.

Instead, maybe CCP should do an educational video on how to effectively pilot an orca.

Fyi, the ic drift is a great tool

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lol it was an eather or typ deal what i would like to see is no warp but free move with a thruster

what ever they think they can do better . but locking it keeps down on the annoyig ill bump you all over the belt arent i cute stuff

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