Industrial core on the Orca

How long is one cycle? Is it 5 minutes like it is on the Rorq or is each cycle shorter since the Orca does not have the same defense capabilities that the Rorq has?

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2.5 minutes

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Thank you!

I don’t mind the cost, but the logistics of bringing fuel with you is kind of a pain. Except for drone mining, you dont really get that much bang for your m3 with Heavy Water. I would be ok with a fuel that costs the same but was along the size of your burst charges or mining crystals.


The point of the change was to have these ships’ tradeoffs be more readily addressable by fleet operations than single-capsuleer (“solo”) ones.

Both suggestions of either removing the fuel cost or making its m3 negligible defeats the point of the change to begin with. These complaints are the hums of the changes chugging along as intended.


I agree.

As a concept… a solo command ship… kinda feels like an oxymoron. Rorqual gets a pass because of the relative insane cost (compared to an exhumer).

I understand, and am fine with the changes. I just don’t run the core constantly because if I run out of crystals or charges I can send a faster ship to get weeks worth of supplies but if I run out of HW I have to send a larger ship to a trade hub to get the equivalent fuel.

It only provides a small boosting benefit (and now compression) so it just doesn’t pay for itself in my opinion.

just send a new bro to get the heavy water. i pay 5kk isk per trip. its my way of helping new guys.

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That’s fine then give the Orca strip miners in the high slots. So the fleets can core all they want and the solo guy can mine using strip miners instead of plodding along with mining drones that now have “residue” nerfs.

I am not sure if my numbers are all still up to date but without a core you are taking about a 40% yield hit from pre-core days.

The way that this hurt massive Orca fleets is that a T2 cored Orca needs almost 3k m3 of fuel per hour. If you are just running 1 Orca to boost a fleet, it isn’t bad. But if you still use a lot of them, the volume of fuel starts to add up and you need a dedicated hauler bringing fuel from your local trade hub to keep your Orcas running.

This has nothing to do with residue, CCP didn’t seem to explain this very well since I am still seeing people misunderstand this. Residue is waste that comes from the asteroid itself and does not impact yield, only maximum available ore to mine. If you fit T2 strip miners on an Orca, you would still have residue.

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The ship you are looking for is called a Mackinaw.

Also, strip miners also have residue. It is not a nerf: “Residue does not impact yield”. It only answers the question: “Do I care about extracting all the ore out of a single particular asteroid rock?”


CCP dont have a clue on what they want to do . All balance pass looks random.

Be serious. So I can get ganked. And no to the Skiff as well. I want my Orca fixed to pre-mining update numbers.

You can get a mackinaw to 60k EHP without even trying now. If you sacrifice mining laser upgrades in the lows for bulkheads you can get it even higher. And it will still be mining way more than an Orca.

The Orca was broken. It’s now fixed.

You just have to deal with it I’m afraid. It’s not reverting back and it shouldn’t revert back.

For solo Orca mining, solo being single account, the Orca is currently better than it was. With a T2 core, you get more yield. You can now compress in the field adding even more longevity to the ship. And I dont believe the tank was impacted much.

The fuel costs for this setup are pretty minimal, the core will pull HW from the cargo bay after the fuel bay is dry, which means you can mine for hours before you need to move stuff between holds. And a freighter load of HW will last you a good long while.

For multiboxing Orca fleets, its a bit more complicated. The biggest issue will end up being the logistics for supplying HW. Even a small fleet will burn through a freighter of HW pretty quickly. This is the “fix” that CCP intended to make.

I have been nothing except serious in my advice to you.

And I want a pony.

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I dont agree with that. Where is the “more yield” coming from?

To me its the same yield with fuel costs + the inconvenice of being locked in place while the core is active. So overall its a slight nerf to solo performance in exchange for a massive boost in fleet utility and group usefulness.

Due to “residue” introduced in the Dec 2021 update your mining drones now produce 40% less ore in the same time as they did before. Using the Large Industrial Core doubles the mining drone yield, but that is double yield less 40% so in total about a 160% drone yield in total post-update. But to get that I have to pay 2mil ISK / hour.

Pre-update I got 200% drone yield at a cost of 0 ISK / hour. Post-update get 160% drone yield at 2mil ISK / hour. Previously I could just mine now I have to pay for the privilege.

How is this better for a solo player?

With my Pre-Core Orca fit, each drone mine 297.04m3 per min.

With the same fit and no Core, each drone mines 173.27m3 per min, or 58.3% previous yield.

With the relatively same fit and a T1 Core, each drone mines 216.59m3 per min, or 72.9% previous yield.

With a T2 core, each drone mines 303.22m3 per min, or 102.1% previous yield.

102.1% is more.

Disclaimer on this, I stopped drone mining in an Orca shortly after the changes so if the numbers have changed since then, my numbers may be off.

Residue does impact yield / hour.

If that was you being serious you must be a comedian. A Mackinaw is a “gank me” sign plus it has no tank. Flying a Mackinaw is like swimming in a lagoon full of sharks with a raw steak around your neck for luck.

Ask your mommy to get you one for Christmas.