What the actuall f*** are CCP up to?

I returned from a 2 year break and what the hell have you done to mining.

My main issue currently in when I realized my expensive drones are useless compared to tech 1 drones.

Orca mining:

T1 drones 208 m3/cycle with 0% residue.
T2 mining drone 173 m3/cycle 34% residue.
Augmented mining drone 194 m3/cycle 40% residue…

Why have you made it completely useless to invest isk, money or skillpoints in EVE?

Isn’t the entire point of the game that after you have invested time and effort, things should become better for you? Not worse?

Sincerely sort this ■■■■ out or I’m out.


Yeah I have completely missunderstood this mechanic. But still its stupid.

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Residue comes from the asteroid, not from your yield. It made more sense in its first iteration, but was changed because people were concerned about low skilled miners.

The Indy Core and the movement of most Orca bonuses to it is, in my opinion, a way to reduce massive multiboxing fleets of Orcas. The cost of running the core isn’t bad, but if you have a massive fleet of Orcas, it becomes a logistical nightmare to fuel them all.

The orca was never intended to be a mining ship.
It was then and is now a fleet support ship.
It got better at its primary role.


They put the Orca back where it was originally intended to be. A mining SUPPORT ship…


Can I have your stuff? It will give you closure.


Made it 100x better?

You can literally compress ore while in a belt or on a moon, with an Orca, from 80km away from the booster. You’ll never need a dedicated transport ship now as long as the Orca has a few MTUs… Stop whining, for ■■■■’s sake.


The “golden orca age” fleet,wouldn’t crab it up anyways as the orcas need to move through the belts to keep mining drone movement distances low. But assuming you were to crab them… fill up a freighter with heavy water and put it on autopilot. If you were previously able to get all the comrpessed ore to a market, you’ll be able to get the heavy water from the market,too.

If your barges are dropping so many cans you need multiple MTUs to scoop them all, then you also need your dedicated hauler alt, unless you want to drop billions of ores to even the most incapable gankers thanks to the crab module having locked you on grid

Don’t mine near Jita. Problem solved.


This is true, but there isn’t enough ore in any belt for this to happen.

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