Orca -- Requested changes

Hello, Orca is a very nice ship but still is lacking from what I hear from many people. Least have a over haul of what SMALLER changes to make it a bit more enjoy able.

Why it’s nice to have these bonuses but it’s a bit much. We should just roll theses in with the ship role bonus.
10% bonus to Drone hit-points, damage and ore mining yield
10% reduction in Drone ice harvesting cycle time
So we only give small bonus? Least give her a bit more for shield command bursts.
1% bonus to Shield Command Burst effect strength and duration
Other smaller change I would like to see is the use of industrial Core on both Rorqual and Orca.
Other smaller change I would like to see is a new mining drone for orca as it’s built for drones. This new type of drone should be able to mine up half the rate of the ‘Excavator’ Drones. Why not just call it the ‘bulldozer’ drones.

Industrial Command Ships bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to ship cargo and ore hold capacity
3% bonus to Mining Foreman Burst effect strength and duration
3% bonus to Shield Command Burst effect strength and duration
5% reduction in fuel consumption for Industrial Core
Role Bonus:
Can fit Industrial Core
Can operate ‘bulldozer’ Drones
Can use 3 Command Burst modules

150% bonus to Drone ore mining yield, Drone damage and Drone hit points
75% reduction in Drone ice harvesting cycle time
400% bonus to Remote Shield Booster optimal range
90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue
250% bonus to Tractor Beam range
100% bonus to Tractor Beam velocity
500% bonus to Survey Scanner range

The Orca was buffed massively not that long ago. It’s fine as is.



The only thing is confused me with orca is a legacy cargo capacity bonus. Its been nice to have Ore bay boosted greatly and having this ship as a mining ops support/booster the cargo thing is not that important since it has ore bay. The other thing is its finally stop of use Orca as freighter. Yeah I know you want to kill me after such words but… Oh I forgot the SMB would be great to have it 500k. And no no for new drones. Its obvious.

or change the cargo capacity bonus to a bonus to the fleet hangar
so it stead reads

5% bonus to ore hold and fleet hangar capacity.

Tiddle Jr wrote
The other thing is its finally stop of use Orca as freighter.


Because is not his role. The Orca role is to support mining operations and move Ores, in few words.

i see it as a heavely tanked multi purpuse ship with a slight angle towards mining fleet assistance. having the ability to load alot of things in the cargo hold is noth as usefull tho as to be hable to have loads of things in the fleet hangar the orehold is fine as is imo :slight_smile:
and as a freighter a proper freighter out perform the orca in sheer valoume by far.

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Thats the problem, is not a muti-purpuse ship. It’s a Mining Support ship. If you give it more bonuses towards Space Capacity, it will overshadow the Freighter, not for the volume capacity but for the tank capacity.

And hell no to the Industrial Core. Now not only do you want to overshadow the Freighter, you also want to overshadow the Rorqual.

i said nothing a bout the indi core… but if you aretalking to the Op yea that is solely in the domain of the rourq the orca is fine as is imo apart from having a bigger fleet hagar instead of bigger main hold.

Ups, sorry about that. D=

And about the Hangar bay, maybe better than the cargo bay. I’ll need to make some math, but if the Cargo bay without the bonus can reach 80K, I think is fine for me; even if the hangar bay is safer than the Cargo Bay.

yea but its more logical that the orca can store more stuff where fleet mambers can acess it eacy. it still needs rom in the main hold to do refitting on the fly i like the HS carrier vibe the orca has currently and dont want to loose that

The Orca does not need to be like the Rorq,

We dont need those stupid drones,

No the core should not be fittable on the orca, unless it is banned from Empire space…(no losec or highsec useage for it)

in fact the entire idea is rubbish, you want to mine like you are in nullsec then take your Happy ass to nullsec,

Orca is fine as is and should not be changed at this point it is well balanced.



The orca is lacking?

On top of it being able to mine like a barge (almost), boost fleets (and not just mining fleets) haul over 300km3 of ore and 450km3 fitted ships with a 10s align time, it is also a mini-fax that can go toe to toe with battleships.

Whomever thinks the orca is lacking doesn’t have the first clue. The people you talk to in game are morons.


OP if you want something buffed you need to explain why it is failing to fulfill its current role. Right now its current role is to boost mining vessels, mine, hold ore, and generally be a pretty decent hauler.

It does all of this exceptionally well.

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