Proposing changes to the Orca

Since there has been no news about this one, I humbly propose the following changes to the Orca to make it a proper industrial command ship:

Orca new:

+3% for mining and shield links effectiveness

  • can fit 4 command bursts (2x shield and 2x mining would be the optimal for that)
  • can fit 2 remote hull repairers
  • (can fit 2 remote shield boosters)*
    +300% range for tractor beams
    +200% tractor beam speed

8 high slots (was 5)
current medium slots
current low slots

500m³ drone bay

some more mobility and agility to help with moving on grid to make it a command ship

Command ship bonuses per level:

+20% logi amount and speed for medium logistic drones
+10% hp and damage für medium attack drones

Industrial command ship bonuses per level:

+250% range for medium remote shield boosters
+200% range for medium remote hull repairers
+50% repair amount for shield and hull repairers
-10% cpu amount for medium remote hull repairers
-15% capacitor amount for medium remote hull repaierers

  • not sure about limiting this one

No mining boost?

Logi won’t save you from hisec gank. No tank buff so outside of hisec it’s just better to kill orca itself. Making all logi bonuses useless. Can’t find any practical use for such ship in mining fleets.

Oh, my bad. The bonus is supposed to be for mining and shield command bursts like it is now but the Orca gets the +3% effectiveness bonus for said shield and mining command bursts.

And the rorqual with similar changes would get the +4% effectiveness for those bursts.

Some numbers need a slight adjustment but the idea is that you get the logi optimal range to the edge of your burst range if that makes sense.

The Orca would be the only ship in EVE with a bonus for fitting and using remote hull reps but in order to not make the Navy Brutix an unstoppable force to universe, a limit of 2x remote hull reps should keep that in check.
So in order to make a Navy Brutix a good defender for mining ops, you would need to bring more Orcas.

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