T2 Orca

I would like to suggest the developement of at Tech II version of the the Orca with jump capabilities. It would make it a usefull ship again. And it would become a good ship to use in various mining operations in systems away from homebase.


A useful ship again?

It’s already an awesome ship. What’s wrong with the existing Orca that makes it not useful?

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This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke.

I’m an Orca pilot and it has been useful for a very long time now. It contribute more to the mining fleets than it originally did. It can provide better defenses, assist in hauling and mining, and provide fitting services and fleet boosts on top of that. It is the only industrial command ship that can provide so much without being restricted to low sec space.

The only other ship that can compete with it now is the Rorqual and that’s a beast of a ship to have for mining fleets.

For what i can do now compared to the much cheaper Porpoise, it is useless ISK wise. Making a T2 version would give it meaning as a ship in between the Rorqual and the Porpoise.

Elaborate. How exactly would it give it meaning as a ship? You can safely haul expensive items through high-sec with a tank that can rival a battleship. You can force multiply your mining fleet with cargo capacity, drone defenses, fleet boosts, and level of efficiency that rivals that of the Porpoise with the Orca. Unlike the Purpoise you can also carry fully fitted ships in the maintenance bay. Not to mention refit a ship. Sure, the mobile depots can serve that purpose as well at a cheaper cost but those are limited in terms of use compared to the Orca. For starters you don’t have to anchor an Orca or deal with the minimum-distance restrictions that come with anchoring.


1.) sounds like some does not know how to use an orca.

2.) This is not F&I


It does sound like it.

I have a small fleet of Orca’s, believe me they are useful, better suggestion would be a T-2 version that could compress ore, fart, or something, but to be a mini jump frieghter, better off asking for a DST T-3 that can act as a mini jump frieghter, but then people would just simply die, just die from a suggestion like that.

This would be good

A 500k ehp battleship? I did not know, you can fit a bs that tanky and still call it usuable.

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Actually, about at least 330k EHP.

[Orca, Santa’s Sleigh]
Damage Control II
Reinforced Bulkheads II

Survey Scanner II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Large Shield Extender II
EM Ward Amplifier II

Drone Link Augmentor II
Small Tractor Beam II
Shield Command Burst I
Mining Foreman Burst I
Mining Foreman Burst I
Large Remote Shield Booster II

Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

Hammerhead II x5
Hobgoblin II x15
Mining Drone I x13

Ignore the rigs. I didn’t bother switching them out yet for the tank-related ones. The rigs were originally used in conjunction with the microwarp drive to reduce alignment time to literally 10 seconds instead of 38 seconds.

But with this fit you can get at least 330k before overheating the invulnerability fields. That’s pretty damn close to a battleship. Very few people would have the expense and resources needed to suicide gank a ship this tanky. Meanwhile it provides for a very effective defense against suicide gankers targeting your mining barges assuming your barges are fit for tank as well during periods where C.O.D.E. is most active.

Orca with Jump drive ? it already exist and it called Rorqual !

I think the better version of that would be into me a smaller Rorqual that would offer people that don’t want to be in Low security or null space an option But there again CCP works like the US government very slow up fast

So an orca than can compress via a siege module? Not my cup of tea, I’ll happily keep what little mobility the orca has when being used as an ore holder.

Actually I also give a different use to my orca. Fitted with my gila, an algos, a retriever and imicus and some containers with different drones, ammo and hardners I just fly far away from my base and pass a couple of days doing missions and exploration before I return with better standings, 165k ore, lots of salvager and loot… A kind of personal RPG


I use the Orca to run back and forth from the Rorquals in the frackfield to the Athanor to empty the Rorqual’s ore holds and keep them mining.

You can’t do that in a Porpoise.

There might be a place for a T2 Orca, though a jump drive would probably not be something I would add.
My biggest wish for an Orca, whether T1 or T2, would be in-space compression. If that requires an Orca to become immobile while the compression module is running, so be it.

There are some other things I would like to have on a T2 Orca, though I would rate less essential than a compression core.
The first item would likely be fleet access to the Orca’s ore hold. This would provide a bigger buffer for haulers to keep up with miners than the current 40K fleet hangar, letting that be used to supply fleetmates with things like crystals. It would also make hauler orcas easier to load.
The second item would be a buff to burst radius, possibly with the added availability of command processor rigs for T1 and T2 orcas.
A third item on my list is a bigger ship maintenance bay.
The fourth item would be an extra midslot with CPU/grid to feed it.
Fifth would likely be higher scan res.
Sixth on my list would probably be a bigger drone hold and extra drone bandwidth. Not essential but nice to have. I admit that ice mining botherders would love this one.


I think a t2 or a would make for a good starter JF or a specialized JF for hauling ore or minerals specifically… could be fun to add in

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How about a price reduction down to 199.99 milion isk because reasons?
How about an intertia buff for instawarp because faster hauling?
How about a shield/armor/structure buff cause weakness with full cargo fit ?

Some other wishes for an imbalanced mining booster ?

Things the Orca does

  • Fleet boosting (plenty of other command ships in the game, including a mini-Orca, Porpoise)
  • Drone mining (plenty of other miners)
  • Fleet Bay for mining fleet
  • Ore Bay for mining fleet
  • Ship Bay for mining fleet

Now, the big things that could use T2 improvement are those last 3. Only, I think CCP already shot themselves in the foot for one of them. Why bother making the Bowhead to haul ships, when they could have made a T2 Orca and given it a larger Ship bay?

Which leaves us with the option for an improved Ore bay. Personally, I’m annoyed that they separated Ore and Minerals. I think we should be able to store either of those in the Ore bay (and get rid of the Mineral bays). But I don’t think a bigger Ore bay alone is enough to warrant a T2 Orca.

So if I were going to make a T2 Orca, I would give it a larger Fleet Bay, and a larger Ore Bay (preferably able to support Minerals as well), and a larger Ship Bay. The Orca currently carries 1/4 (400M m3) the amount of Ships that the Bowhead can. So raising that to 1/2 (800M m3) would be an improvement without causing a conflict.

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