T2 Orca

(Ash Beldrulf) #21

If a T2 Orca ever come to see the light of day, for god’s sake CCP give it a boost to mining drone velocity!!

The worst thing about the Orca is how horribly slow all the mining drones are even with maximum skills!

(Vuhdo Rin) #22

You all dont understand that t2 are specialised ships of their t1 versions. But the orca is a very specislised ship but its just t1 … so your idea is just stupid and you only want HS mining way easier. So absolutley no … otherwise i want an t2 roraual with all stats doubled

(Mark O'Helm) #23

Or a T2 Avatar with 2 Doomsday weapons and a covert cloak.
Call it “Korra”. :grin:
Some ships are fine as they are. I fly the orca for years and after the last buff i am pretty happy with it.

(Choking Coyote) #24

Next thing people are going to ask for jump capable mining barges to they can join the jump capable T2 Orca. Hell no…!

Orca is a very capable and versatile ship as it is already and a good entry for people looking for mining ops and cargo hauling. It’s even been used in the past as a staging platform for suicide ganks on mining fleets (go figure).

How about this for a silly T2 Orca idea though (and please feel free to chastise me if you think I’m an idiot).

Include all the buffs people already have suggested, but make it work largely as the T3 cruisers do. i.e. you choose a particular configuration. Each configuration makes it gain strength in one particular area but decreases it usefulness in others.

(Aideron Audeles) #25

Well if High sec mining is the fear, it could be restricted to low/null sec like the Rorqual for the t2 version.

(Aideron Audeles) #26

Well the Orca does have a 400K ship maintenance bay, so it would easily accommodate 4 barges in the hold :slight_smile:
So no need for jump capable barges :slight_smile:

(commander aze) #27

t2 Orca… give it a special role like mercoxit mining ability with drones or a jump drive…

(Aideron Audeles) #28

A mini jump drive would be a great compromise, say e.g 5 light year jump capable

(Penance Toralen) #29

Instead of just “we need a bigger boat” - I would settle for a covet-op capable Mining Command Destroyer with a short range Covert Jump/Bridge. Instead of stock Micro-Jump Drive for other command destroyers. The catch is that it can only portal other covert Industrial ships. (maybe expanded to include the Endurance?) No drone bay and no ore hold.

Introduce Level 5 mining missions outside of high-sec. Which offer BPC of faction mining gear; mining upgrades, omni mining crystals, survey scanners, faction Fleet Links. (faction citadel industry rigs?). All remote accept/complete for the missions.

(Jonathan Rotineque) #30

Aside from a Rorqual upgrade you have 3 Jump options already.

  1. Jump Bridges now Evolving into the Ansiblex Player Owned Star Gate
  2. Wormholes
  3. Titan Push

Part of the fun of this game is working with what you have to do what others don’t. For example:

  • Orca into warp within 10 seconds
  • Fleet mining while aligned in flight vs sitting still
  • Actually paying attention to local so you don’t get surprised.
  • Mining where and how no one else does so you can mine like no one else.

(Jennifer Austin) #31

Hell I would even take the mini jump drive on the porpoise instead of the Orca but I’m telling you that would be awesome

(Anderson Geten) #32

I would use a mid slot of the orca to have micro-boosh of the orca and its drone on 30km.

(Rina Cotte) #33

Time the orca get more love as a capital ship. It’s set up like a battleship. It’s not a battleship. It need capital size love with more high meds and low slots. The HP needs way more love. Give it a 5 7 5 fit, and 190k shields, 100k amor and 95k hull.

This still won’t stop people from ganging you so get over yourself. Next people love to use them in null, low sec space plus wormhole space. Plus I feel it could use a special role as well other then drone miner or fleet booster.

(Vuhdo Rin) #34

What are you smoking dude ?

(Jennifer Austin) #35

would love to see that but I highly doubt we ever see it I think CCP is giving up on mining all together especially for us non ns players

(Vuhdo Rin) #36

The orca has enough ehp and a good slot layout ? Why there should be an overpowered ship in HS ? And btw … its not a capital cause you dont need the skil ‘capital ships’ for this… and large rigs mean also no capital

(Jennifer Austin) #37

Well then why does CCP call it a capital ship I don’t understand please educate me?

(safira jomita) #38

Its a pretty good ship to me, i got about 237k ehp just with t1 modules, so in 1.0 to 0.7 it’s just fine,

(Vuhdo Rin) #39

Ask yourself … its easy to understand that an orca cant be a capital cause it hase no skill reqirements for capitals, no jumpdrive like capitals, no rig size like capitals, cant use capital mods and its not a very large ship and can enter lower class wh

And this ammount of HP and slot layout is not needed for a HS ship and you would still die if you get regular tackle on you.

You just want a ship that is overpowered for the job you are use it for. Am orca is strong enough on the actual version and nobody will gank an orca with tank.

(Rina Cotte) #40

The orca is use more then just empire friend and it’s call low or player space. Yes your right it will still dye to ganger or someone who attacks it but making it a bet harder to do so is the end goal.

Look at freighter and skills. It’s also a capital ship without a jump drive or skills needed to fly it.