T2 Orca

(Vuhdo Rin) #41

Yes the freighter nas a special roke and therr is nothing better then a freighter. The orca still has a special role but its not the best in this special role and the rorqual is best for mining and boosting. And the rorqual is a capital an look at this stats am the requirements and where it can be used. An orca can never be a capital cause my reasons above and there cant be a second thing with similar quality for HS. Then the whole risk vs reward would be break.

And now i would like your answer why it should be a capital … only reaaon i read from you is ‘ccp said its a capital’

(Jennifer Austin) #42

I realize you probably don’t read anywhere but the forms so I’m going to help you out here give me a minute Note that the Orca is a hybrid between a freighter, a battleship and a capital for its stats and layout, making it the hardest ship to classify. There’s my resource article also I don’t mean to sound snippy but I’m getting so sick of people not doing the research before running their mouth https://imperium.news/eve-mining/mining-ships/

(Vuhdo Rin) #43

You should lern to read :slight_smile: at the begining its clear a BS xD

And still if its a hybrid why should it get a full capital layout and capital stats ?

Still you only reason is ‘anybody has said this’

(Jennifer Austin) #44

Are you an orca pilot yourself if you are you would understand that you can never get this ship shipped anyway because it’s too big and cannot be put in the back of a jump freighter or regular freighter for that matter it just too big so therefore it’s a capital size ship all we’re saying is it need some love when it comes to ehp and other aspects Once again maybe you moron should learn do your research before running your mouth

(Vuhdo Rin) #45

Someone is triggered :joy: and btw i can use an orca and i know how strong an orca is :slight_smile: so you just cry cause you are not possible to use it correct ?

(Jennifer Austin) #46

I can honestly say every time I’ve lost an orca it’s been my own stupidity I know how to use one quite well there’s only been one time that I’ve got ever taken and that was by 18 catalyst there is no way in hell I was getting out of that one