The Orca needs some further repurposing of it's boosting capabilities

Right now as it stands the Orca can be liability if you decide to invest in it. Compared to the porpoise it’s 200-250 mil for a suitable fit versus 2+ bil for an Orca. Despite this the Orca’s statistical bonuses to mining boosts is literally about a 7-ish percent from a porpoise WITH an active industrial core. You get access to more compression options but in return your big shiny multibillion isk ship has an align time that’s more in tune with a blue whale in space than an orca and a tank profile that’s not even going to hold off a roaming gang long enough for allied protection fleets to save it. Not to mention the bigger fact that the industrial core further hinders this fat space whale.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s uses, but they aren’t conducive to what the ship was originally designed for which is a problem. It’s used as a high sec anti gank AFK miner and a budget freighter due to it’s high cargo capacity. Some particularly vetted individuals do use it as a mobile base but that’s few and far between, otherwise this monster is a loot pinata waiting to end up on a killmail and a lot of people aren’t willing to risk that.

This is a massive let down considering that this is supposed to be the middle ground between the porpoise and the rorqual but it just ends up not working. Another annoying piece of the process is train time. If you don’t go with the Orca then you could easily be waiting over half a year to fly a well fit rorqual which in the mean time basically leaves you nothing.

I love mining and I love the idea of a mobile mining base. I’m looking forward to my big boy base rorqual without a doubt. But even if I love the idea of this ship it’s just not functional enough to invest any money into it.


You lack experience then…
1.) an Orca provides of many types.
2.) an Orca can be used to assault structures.
3.) an Orca can be used as a hauler.
4.) an Orca can solo Lv4 combat missions.
5.) an Orca can be used to loot/salvage after a Gank.
6.) an Orca is a support ship for many things.

There is many other uses

Your post is a troll post…
You are inept and lacking in both Experience and Imagination, wait till you are veteran then try to speak again and stop shitting up our game.

This is an awful rebuttal. OP is saying “This hammer doesn’t work very well as a hammer.” You piping up that it makes a good screwdriver and pair of pliers doesn’t mean that something intended to be a hammer shouldn’t work well as a hammer. You then proceed to insult him over your own irrelevant comparisons.

On topic, from a null perspective the Orca is meme-worthily bad. It basically combines the bad parts of the Porpoise (easier to kill) and the Rorqual (expensive) and provides none of the expendability of the former or the defensive capabilities and mobility of the latter.

Thank you for understanding. I’m running a 3 account setup and I’ve already maxed what I can on the porpoise. The orca is a massive investment for me with no notable return and my boosting character is 7 months from flying a good rorqual. My corporation sat me down and made sure I thoroughly understood what the Orca does and everyone thus far has pleaded with me to not fly one. They even showed me killmails as a example of how fast these things can melt. So in the end I’m stuck with effectively no progression available until I make 1 large leap to a considerably end game and very expensive ship.

I’m not trying to say changes should hurt the other players either. I like the fact that the ship is versatile and the fact that knowledgeable players can turn these things into mobile bases with the right setup. But personally I’d be spending over 2bil right now just to compress Mercoxit and Moon ore in a ship that I already know will get caught easily. The reason I say that isn’t just because of what I’ve been told but also from my own experience of that porpoise escaping by the skin of it’s teeth plenty of times. If I can give it proper attention and caution and still have close calls with that thing then I can already see how bad an Orca would be.

and why does everything have to be a “null” topic?? hmmm.
J-space, Losec, HS…
The orca is fine, if you or others want to argue about crap in nullsec…
Then i have a perfect idea for you…

USE F’ing stuff meant for nullsec operations!

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This old brain might be misremembering, but the Orca I have I bought because there was a way of fitting it to do the cloaky/mwd trick and it has decent “little” Fleet Hangar and ship maintenance bays. That’s gone now.

Oh well.

God forbid I give an opinion on an area of space I’m familiar with in a public forum.

The Orca is meant for null sec. “The Orca was developed as a joint venture between Outer Ring Excavations and Deep Core Mining Inc as a vessel to help meet the demands of New Eden’s industry and provide a flexible platform from which mining operations can be more easily managed.”

From a lore stand point ORE is a nullsec mining corporation that operates exclusively from the outer ring null sec region. Their ships are thus designed for usage in that space. Lore and flavor text doesn’t really amount to much but it does give a solid indicator of the dev’s intent.

The reason it’s used largely in high sec is simply because the design suits highsec purposes well. It’s tanky enough to survive high sec ganks with a proper fit and thus can be used as a higher end AFK miner. The other reason is that it’s a great hauler if you don’t have access to freighters yet. That’s not done because it’s meant to be a high sec ship, that’s simply an unintentional usage of the ship. They’ve even specifically nerfed the ship previously because they want to discourage players from AFK mining in highsec with it.

But my venture, noctis, etc are Ore ships?

You can’t bring a Rorqual to high sec. You can bring an Orca. Lore aside, them’s the fax.


and yet you cry about it needing to change or something for “nullsec” operations…how about trying not to be solo out there.

and if you knew anything about HS, then just like the Devs need to, you would realize the stupidity in this thought process, as the so -called nerf made more possible to AFK mine in HS.

Being able to bring a ship into high sec has absolutely zero meaning. I’m not exactly sure what your argument is here. As for the rorqual being locked out of highsec that’s for the same exact reason they’ve nerfed the Orca for highsec. They don’t want an AFK mining boat to sit in a safe zone and effectively print infinite ISK with no effort.

Yes it does need changing. There’s a very big difference between what their intent is and what actually ends up happening. And I’m not solo, I’m actually in a fantastic null alliance. One with an abundance of protection and accessibility, and despite all the advantages we have literally every single person out here is saying not to fly the ship because it’s a shiny killmail waiting to happen.

As for the second bit that only proves what I said above that even though they make a change with an intended outcome it doesn’t mean that it’ll turn out that way. Regardless it doesn’t change the fact that they clearly don’t want the thing AFK mining in highsec.

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