T2 Orca

Hey there,

At first have a rorq but i have an idea for an t2 orca.

Basicly the same ship with a little bit more drone yield like 15% or so and some other role bonus like less cap use of remote shield booster. So nothing that woud impact market to much.

But the main feature woud be a modul like the bastion mod but with 5min cycle like rorq. And you can compress like in the rorq. And a bit more tank.

Basicly nothing to op but a nice gimmick for high sec and perhaps for new null sec chars so you coud stay longer in belt with your mates.

If you give it’s “indu core” a second bonus like increased drone yield you coud create a need for that to be active but risky because you can’t warp off.

A 2 min invu core woud be nice too but only for null and low sec so it wont be immune to high sec ganks.

Greetings from Germany


Not only no, but hell no. You can thank the AFK/mining bot fleets for the fact that this will never happen…

Yea sure but it woud be easyer to catch/gank them (or hot drop) because he will stay several min in the belt with the highest value ship of the fleet

That may be the thing to do in low or null. In high sec, not so much. There’s a damn good reason Rorqs aren’t allowed in high sec. A T2 Orca like you propose would simply be a high sec Rorq…

To compensate that you coud deactivate this module for high sec like the bubles are deactivated in low and high sec.

It was not a finished thought i just wanted to start a conversation about my (stupid?) idea ^.-

Edt.: so you woud get a slightly better ship for high sec and a mich better ship when you move over to low/null


What missing ship need is being filled by this ship besides “slightly better”?

I would not be against a ship that bridges the gap between Orca and Rorqual, but this is not that.

Being able to compress ore and ice “on the fly” in high sec is not merely a gimmick. And Orcas sure as hell don’t need any more EHP or tank than they already have. There’s not a single reason to put a bastion module on it.

The game is well supplied with minerals. Increasing efficiency or reducing risk for miners would simply drive down the price of ore. A nerf that creates some scarcity and starts prices moving higher would be better for the game economy.

what do you smoke ? oO you wanna have a rorqual for HS with better yield / tank / less cap use …. why do you think you Need such stupid Thing for HS ?

:smirk: Oh look, another T2 orca thread.

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So what you’re suggesting is like t2 industrial command ships? like, if you had a t2 orca then you’d need a t2 porpoise, which I’d assume would have the same additions as the orca only lessened, but like other people have said, an orca with more tank is just a bad idea. Also these additions would make the t2 orca too similar to the rorqual and it would be allowed in hi sec, and if it wasnt allowed in hi sec then why would you even need it? it would just be a second rorqual


Actually, I like it. T2 is rather lacking in the ORE lineup.

Or is the rorq the t2 version of the orca?

t1 : t2
Mining frigate : Expedition frigate
Mining barge : Exhumer
Industrial Command ship: ?
Capital industrial: ?
Titan Industrial? : ?
Frieghter : Jump frieghter

yea, the orca is like the t1 version of the rorqual, like the noctis is the t1 version of the porpoise

hell no ….ist all t1 and a noctis is a completly different shiptype then a porpoise. Looks similar but ist like if you say “a logi is the same like a battleship”

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well ■■■■, i have failed, but like i kinda forgot the noctis wasnt a command ship when i made that post so uhh

(one more edit)
also i was just saying like t2 versions not actually t2, but yes my knowledge of the noctis could use to brushed up a little

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Mmm. Porpoise and Noctis have the same hull Design. Both are mining ships. Noctis mines salvage, and Porpoise mines ore/ice.

As for a t2 orca perhaps a split like exhuamers. One that mines more, one that has better boost, one that has mobile compression, one that is covert ops.

That way you don’t have a mini rorq in highsec.

A huge “NO” to T2 Orcas in HS. They would just become the HS equivalent of the Rorqual. There are enough annoying one-man ice fleets and afk mining ships in HS as it is without adding another.

no extra mining like a rorq; just permanent panic that stops all carebears from dying in a 100km radius.

why you are necro this thread :confused: it was almost forgotten xD

It is always the bad ideas too