Mining in an Orca

I have seen it done and was wondering what players think about mining in an Orca?

Lower yields but easier to AFK.

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Super easy to multibox as well. Hence the fleets of 10-20 orcas you’ll see.

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Since they are very slow and there only defense capability’s are drones are they more or less magnets for pirates? Someone told me it was like parking a Ferrari in a bad side of town, would you mine solo with one?

Feeling really conflicted about this.


Sure I will I don’t think orcas will be much of interest of gank parties unless they are bad fitted and afk

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Their tank is enormous, need a whole fleet of destroyers to gank them in hisec . Think around 16 destroyers are needed to gank a 200k ehp orca

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I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.


Good if you cant sleep. Mine some ore in it and you quickly start snoozing.

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If you’re smart and properly fit an Orca with tank, they can get upwards of almost 500,000 ehp.
The amount of effort it would take to kill 500,000 ehp worth of an Orca would far exceed anything CODE would waste their time on, so they’ll just leave you alone.

3x Transversal Bulkhead II rigs

Adaptive Invuln
EM Ward
Therm Ward
Large Shield Extenders

Bulkheads II

Should get you close to 500,000 ehp. Any other fit is trash and worthless, tbh. Especially if you use Mining rigs for a pathetic and meaningless increase in mining yields, you’ll just be setting yourself up to get ganked.


Wow thank you rigging info

Their drones are the equivalent of a dominix in dps but with better speed and tracking. And the orca has way more tank.

So someone has been bull shitting you.


Needs nerf.

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Absolutely this ^^^^

They don’t need such mining yield.

In an Orca you can Hull other mining ships can other players be in them when you eject them or do they have to be empty ships?

Can Orca’s enter wormholes?

Only large and extra large will allow an Orca through, small and medium are no Orca zones.

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Thank you

I prefer shield extender rigs instead of the hull rigs. If you overload hardeners with shield rigs you can almost get 800k ehp (with implants)

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Should we really give someone tips and hints on how to afk mine?

If you are afk, overloading is not an option, though.