Orca changes and fleet boosting

So i have heard that all mining drone bonuses will be removed and Orca/Porpoise etc back to original intent of fleet booster.

Do we know exactly when?


  1. Will combat drone bonuses remain?
  2. Will it be like original Orca where you could boost anywhere in system off-grid or is it still a locality boost where it is in the belt only?

Sometime in the next few months, since that is when the current “Quarter” will end.

I don’t see why the combat drone bonus would be removed, they just don’t want people using them for mining.

I seriously doubt they will revert to the old system of off-grid boosting.

Citation needed. Just where did you “hear” this?

Tempted to say please don’t talk to your alts …

It’s all speculation.

I mean, I think it would be a good idea if CCP did that, but they haven’t confirmed nor denied such plans.

Seems to be speculation everywhere then. Its coming up repeatedly in game chats and channels as well as here.

I personally do not think they should be AFK/BOT boats like they are today but its not like ccp listens to anyone or my opinion counts.

I would love the off grid boosting like before too which allowed multiple mates and belts to be boosted at once but you lost the giant jetcan functionality for that.

We shall see. Also curious about these gas changes/compression also bouncing around the chat channels.

Well we know CCP is looking at changes to the mining ships. So it’s only natural people speculate what those changes will be.

More so than just orca/porpoise? Not sure what the barges or exhumers need at this point they were already buffed for HP and their roles before…

Yea, I think they want to look at all the mining ships.

I don’t know what CCP will do, but personally I’d say:

  • Orca/Porpoise/Rorqual → currently competing as miner with mining ships in certain scenarios, which I think is an issue. Nonzero yield is fine, but should not be competitive - nerf solo mining, buff fleet support capabilities as compensation
  • Procurer/Skiff → fine, has unique role
  • Covetor/Hulk → fine, has unique role
  • Retriever/Mackinaw → lacking a distinct role - give a better defined unique role
  • Venture, Endurance → fine
  • Prospect → ore mining yield gap between frigates and barges is large → slightly buff ore yield to almost close gap, otherwise fine

These are my suggested changes. But people may be disagreeing with me or have other ideas. What CCP will do, nobody knows yet.


And I’m tempted to say something that would more than likely earn me a forum ban.

Maybe if you actually read the numerous dev blogs this year that talked about it, or watched any of the numerous livestreams where it has been discussed by developers and CSM members alike you would actually have some clue of what you were talking about.

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that with @CCP_Rattati involved, whatever changes are made will definitely not be ones that benefit the players, since his philosophy is we should only be punished and never rewarded.


I dont understand who is this Rattati and why would they hate players?

I just think we should have more protection on mining ship if orca cannot mine anymore since ganker is everywhere ruining all industrialist day 24/7

My theory, though I am not super happy about it;

Porpoise/Orca will lose all mining drone bonuses, leaving you with a yield equal to base stats and skills and maybe rigs if they leave them. They will get Industrial Core type device that will stick you in place but give you small stats bonus and in field compression. Compression will lead to reduced hold size, with the possibility of resource specific hulls (think Porpoise is a gas ship).

Procurer/Skiff will be a gas barge/exhumer to fill the need of more gas with the new industry. Retriever/Mack will go back to ice barge/exhumer. Coveter/Hulk will stay the ore barge/exhumer. Hopefully we will get more mid/low and CPU/PG so that we can fit them to fill the current tank/hold/yield ship role for each hull.

Venture will be ore frigate, Endurance will stay ice frigate, Prospector will be the gas frigate. This will reduce the gas mining efficiency of alphas.

In the end, short of mining in an Orca with drones for days to fill a hold, the maximum fill time will probably be between 5-20 minutes to “fix the AFK mining problem”.

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To sum it up briefly, he is the “lead of product development”, he was put in charge of the new path for EVE development.

When he came to the job he made it known in various interviews it was his opinion that EVE had become to easy and the it was too harmful to the long term success of EVE.

Then he openly stated that it was going to be “all sticks and no carrots” from now on. Carrots being rewards and sticks being the punishment.

You also have to realize that CCP will side with the gankers over miners every single time since the gankers are playing the game the “right way” and miners only exist to be their prey.

The whole idea that it’s because “Orca players are AFK” and thats why Orca mining should be ended is just a red herring, in reality they don’t want people using Orcas to mine because they are too difficult for gankers to kill with just a catalyst or two.


You have to remember it was stated in the Dev Blog that their goal is “balanced wealth generation and survivability” for all mining ships.

On the “balanced survivability” part, which do you think is more likely? That mining vessels all become easier to kill or harder to kill?

Yeah, but if you leave it up to players to determine their fate, you will more often than not wind up with all yield fit ships and skiffs, macks, and hulks will all die in droves.

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