This post is part to complain about the Porpoise and to ask if perhaps I’m missing something?

1st to complain:
the porpoise is useless
Explanation: gives at most a bonus of 30%-38%? which means you need 5 accounts working with it to make it worth using… so what are the chances that (A) You have 5 separate people that all want to stare at a rock for at least 1 hr and none of them can fly An orca (highsec null) or rorq (null)?
or (B) you own 5 accounts by your self and cant seem to muster the cash the skill points or the will to use an orca or rorq?

Plz let me know if I am missing something

As far as I know it is a cheaper thing to loose in dangerous space rather than a juicy big target like orcas or rorquals.

So I guess the “High Risk High Reward” saying comes into play here, if you risk more expensive stuff you get better performance.

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yes but you need 5 accounts… at that point saving money for someone that is running 5 accounts is kinda mute point. but I guess that’s just my opinion.

And my brain tells me its useless

I mean I get the yield cant be better than orca or rorq the but support could certiantly be better I mean 1 medium shield rep? that doesn’t exactly protect your hulk from rats.

Well, that’s the point of view for you multiboxing, the Rorqual and Orca are for big operations but lure in big risk because of just how juicy they are, so the bonuses fit you perfectly to get you the profit you need, and I would be repeating myself stating the Porpoise is cheaper and weaker than the bigger and better alternatives. The Rorqual even has a P.A.N.I.C. button, granting the ship and nearby fleet miners invulnerability for some time to give your corp or alliance a chance to arrive and protect you.

But there are definitely mining operations out there that isn’t just one guy managing 5 miners, there are tastes for everything, hell that is how mining is made fun, with actual people, grab them into a skype call or teamspeak and just talk about stuff. Mining Corporations aren’t made for people to mine solo, I am fairly certain about it, might be wrong, but maybe 50/50 wrong/right

never suggested anything about only solo mining… as I stated in my OP if you re read it here

(A) You have 5 separate people that all want to stare at a rock for at least 1 hr and none of them can fly An orca (highsec null) or rorq (null)?
or (B) you own 5 accounts by your self and cant seem to muster the cash the skill points or the will to

see the A or B options that’s solo or non solo i get what ayour saying but understand when you act like I’m only seeing this from the point of view of solo mining you are 100% wrong

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“I don’t like it” ≠ “useless”.

The porpoise serves two purposes: as an entry level mining command ship and as a mining command ship for small fleets of mining frigates in wormhole space. The focus on five accounts is misguided - EVE as a game is after all intended to bring like minded people together in player corporations. So rather than complaining here that the ship is “useless”, maybe join a corporation with other people than yourself - and I say this as a player five of whose six characters are in the same corporation, with no other members. Or just bite the bullet and buy an Orca.

There’s money and then there’s ISK. Unless you’re plexing most of your accounts. :slight_smile:

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And I never said that what you stated was about solo mining, I was just giving my two scents on how there are definitely people out there more than willing to mine alongside you.

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as i said in option B i don’t see the purpose really even in a corp, you would need a realy new player corp for this to be of value so yea its useless ship for most.

i think there should be better survivalbity type support cause other than that its pretty garbage support for a group of 5 people unless its total noob vill skill wise

What part of “High risk High reward” you didn’t understand? If you knew you were in danger from the start and knew the chance of loosing a ship is Very high, would you prefer to loose 60mill (Porpoise), 700mill (Orca) or 2 bill (Rorqual)? (Prices just for hulls btw) For its price I find that the ships do exactly what needed for the type of operations they do. If you put in more money you will technically get more in return, but if you loose the ships from which you invested you therefor loose all the money you invested, which would be very bad if you couldn’t pay its investment back case you got unlucky and ganked sooner than expected.

maybe you don’t understand me, see the 60 mill booster ship is worthless when your talking 4 250mill hulks to make it worth while to use. Now i get what its supposed to do and how to use it but if you think you might lose your little 60 Mill ship you might not want to fly out the 4 200 - 300 million isk ships to mine in either.

so this is ionly good for the 1st 3 weeks of game play for a new player got it and its useless but that’s my opninion and you arnt gunna change it by telling me info i already know

We never said it would be with Hulks, the Porpoise is meant for SMALL mining operations, it CAN be used with a few hulks, small bonuses is better than no bonuses, but imagine you loose those ships, if it was an Orca you loose the cost of the Orca which is the equivalent of two and a half of your hulks, which if you are unfortunate and get ganked many times you won’t be replacing them as fast as you think you would.

It all comes down to how you want to run your operations, again, the less you invest, the slower you gain, but the less you loose case you die. Yet again I say it, High risk (by investing a LOT of isk into your mining operations) High Reward (by acquiring more products to sell faster than you would with cheap and small ships.)

The Porpoise is by no means useless, it is a Cheap, Smaller and Mobile option compared to the Orca and Rorqual, and like Corwin said, it is for low skilled people OR, and I say it again, Small mining operations.

its ore hold is also considerably larger than that of a covetor or a hulk. warping back and forth to station takes up a surprising amount of time, time not spent mining but a porpoise can hold enough ore for it + a covetor to sit in a belt for quite some time before it needs to drop off.

think of it like mining with a covetor/hulk, and having a hauler for support, only that hauler can also provide mining boosts as well as do a little mining itself.

with how cheap they are they are damn near disposable. not everywhere in nullsec is protected by the blocs, and if you live in one of the riskier areas of space it can gtfo much faster than an orca could, and even if caught its not as big a loss. where I live for example they are the go-to boosting ships because we get roaming gangs on a semi-regular basis.

they are also one of the go-to boosters for WH space.
yes it has a more niche role, but that does not mean that it doesn’t have a place.


The devil is in the details, overpowered.

The Porpoise is the only ship in the game that can command and help your ninja mining op in a wormhole, using a small entrance. So go out there, find a frigate hole and mine arconor, then go back to where you came from and profit.


Porpoise is useful in any high risk situation where you need to consider the ship expendable. You want ships that will pay for themselves in an hour. If you’re expecting hot droppers a 50 million ISK Porpoise make a lot more sense than a 750 million ISK Orca!


yea ill say it again I get the high risk situation thing, and i get what the porpoise is supposed to be for. but when do you mine in a high risk situation? is it really worth taking this out to a worm hole to mine gas? Is gas worth any money? the market is a great place to get stuff that isn’t worth it to mine.

I think the porpoise should be better equipped to help hulks and stuff tank cause even with it out in belt it cant stop some of the rats from chewing through hulks

Do you have any form of tank fitted to the hulk? Or are you fit for pure yield?

Do you use a shield burst or only the mining bursts? No a porpoise isn’t bonuses for shield bursts. But frankly the 1% that an orca gets ain’t that much of an improvement.

Are you using the remote reps on the porpoise or only relying on its boosting ability?

Any time of any day as soon as you leave highsec. You can dock up any time a neutral enters the system or you can fly cheap ships, insure them and accept that you’re going to lose a few - cost of doing business.

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porpoise is useless

when it’s - in your perspective - useless and you know it, why do you waste your time complaining about it?

what’s the problem here, actually? i am trying to understand you. usually, when i deem something useless, i do the mature thing and try to figure out what’s wrong with my perspective (as, obviously, there has to be some use), or i just go my merry way and stay happy by not wasting my time and energy with things i have no use for.

so… what in Bob’s name is your actual problem with this ship?


Beats me, he went ahead and asked the audience what it was good for, then proceeds to call it useless despite receiving many explanations about it.

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