Running own mining fleet in HS?

So with recent omega changes i bought omega for some of my alters, i have them from 0 with 1m SP to inject my main char can fly orca/porpoise just missing some skills for it i can inject fast.

Was wondering for a highsec operation what i should worry about, should i go for skiff mackinaws or stay on procurers since are cheaper?

Orca vs porpoise is big? Since u can compress in a porpoisee too how good the orca is?

Any advice is welcome i just have mine as solo in others fleets not doing mine own boosting for myself.

PS: i know its not the best thing u can do while multiboxing, but while getting skills and setup everything since i WFH and have enough time per day i would like to mining multibox, to do my own industry later

U should use ore strips in ur skiffs and double expanded cargoholds in orca for more ore.

i want serious answers dont want to be a loot pinata xd dont think fitting orca with expanded cargohold is a good idea to dont get ganked in HS :slight_smile:


Use both, for different scenarios. Miners are a difficult bunch who are super horny for maxed boosts whenever possible and will simply not respect you as a foreman if you cannot provide.

Difference between Porpoise and Orca is maybe 10-15%(?) in boosts. With the Porpoise costing 150m vs 2b for the Orca, the Porpoise is the more cost efficient option and you are guaranteed to lose your ship sooner or later.

If ATK mining bring Orca fit with reinforced bulkheads and 100mn MWD and when local spikes with reds of a known ganking organization (you should have them red in corp standings) you can align and warp in 10s and are usually off grid faster than the barges/exhumers you are in fleet with. If AFK mining while working from home then Porpoise would be my choice.

Above poster is just trolling you. Don’t fit faction or officer mods, T2 everything. Expanded cargoholds have no effect on ore hold size and only serve to decrease your EHP.

If a ganking corp like code wants you dead you will be dead no matter how much EHP you have. Profit isn’t usually the goal when ganking Orcas but if you are officer fit or using expensive drones they will absolutely go out of their way to harvest your tears.

Mine in a low-traffic highsec system and you will rarely if ever have problems.

Thats terrible advice

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