Mining alts, how should i get them

Hi. I was thinking - sometimes i play other games and i have one free screen. Good for some work to make isk. I had ishtar and tried PVE and that was great, but what about mining? I can inject some SP on new characters - i can have 2 cuz i have 2 omega accs.
But is it worth? I mine few days when i start play and i dont know too much about this, but wanna mine semi-afk and play other games.
Where should i mine ? NS/LS ? any difference (except asteroid kind)
Which ships should i use? 2x barge/exh ? Or just one and another one with Orca for boost?
What about ganks, how often ppl can gank me in HS? In ls/ns i know how its looks like.
What you think, better to use injectors and train them a little and then back for main characters? Or maybe buy alt and use him?
I have no idea how to start doing this

Thanks for advice

How I’ve set up my mining alts:

Account 1.

  • main
  • mining alt

Account 2

  • mining boosting alt

I’ve kept my main and mining alt separate as there is little point in having mining skills on my main. This way I can log in my mining alt and directly go mining while my main is possibly somewhere else in the universe.

I’ve trained the mining alt into mining frigates (I like to mine ice in the Endurance), barges and exhumers. Have not yet trained past the T1 strip miner, which I probably won’t do either unless I start mining more often and I doubt that will soon happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve trained my mining booster into a Porpoise (also Orca and Rorqual but haven’t used those yet) - mining in Porpoise + Covetor is really really fast as the Porpoise covers all of the flaws of the Covetor: ore hold, survivability (drones + shield reps) and mining boosts. Mining booster + barge or exhumer is a perfect combination and I would recommend doing that, and don’t mine in two barges (unless you’re certain someone else always brings boosts).

You could use injectors to make a mining alt, but if you’re willing to wait, it’s much cheaper to buy the Multiple Character Training deal CCP comes up with every 3 months, the one which offers 3x MCT + 3x Omega for half price. That’s what I did.

Whether mining is worth it… not everyone likes mining so that’s entirely up to you. Maybe try it out with less investment before you go all in with Exhumers and mining crystals. I recommend you start with Barges and T1 strip miners.

The place to mine is competely up to you. I mine in null because that’s where I live. I suppose ganks happen in high sec, but you’ll get killed anywhere if you don’t pay attention.


Thanks for tips, nice :slight_smile:
Need to ask about place for mining. I understand that - LS and NS have more valiuable asteroids but i dont know what to do, where to go. How it works - i mean when i ll mine anything i can sell it for my corp (LS/NS) or maybe better to move it somewhere and sell into market?

Any difference between LS and NS mining?

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