I want to fight back as a way of mining fleet support: Porpoise, Orca's & Rorquals

Hallo Capsuleers of New Eden.

  • I like the black out, I feel that this is how null should be. One more thing I wish for is that I have more options of fighting back while flying the mining fleet support ships: Porpoise, Orca and Rorqual.


  • Porpoise can fit 1 defender launcher;
  • Orca can fit 1 or 2 defender launchers and/or a 125m3 drone bay and/or light fighter bay;
  • Rorqual: make a navy version that loses its panic button, but gains a “siege button” which will give it a mix of dread and fax bonuses and also has a fighter bay.
  • The standard Rorqual as we have now will be able to add 1 to 3 defender missiles modules, and will keep it’s panic button for players who prefer this kind of playstyle.


  • I want a Rorqual (and Orca) version in which I can fight back, even when that means it will result in a higher chance of me actually loosing those ships, because the fighting is going to give me so much more fun then trying to fit them for saving them.
  • In the blackout, which I hope will be permanent, I want some defence against bombers.
  • An Orca hull is priced in between a T1 battleship to Carrier, for this a 50mB drone bandwidth is to little a return as active defence.
  • I want to progress to a Rorqual, but am not attracted to basically be able to only passively push the panic button and wait for others to come save me.
  • Maybe this navy Rorqual version should only be allowed to activate its weapons in resource belts for balance reasons.
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Well if you never get to have it exactly your own way you want you could try what any competent corp/alliance would do: recruit some PvPers to do scouting/defense ops.

What your asking for would require drawback balances that make having that versatility in your mining ships redundant.

Nobody in null is going to sacrifice better mining fits for defense on an industrial ship because if the ship is even worth defending than you wouldn’t as the miner be the one depended on to save your own ass…

Also, renting is for incompetent idiots who want to get ■■■■ on btw.


Thanx for anwsering, I am mainly looking from the angle of what would be more fun/exciting for me, I do not know if this will be great for EvE in general. Just some of my dreams, but already really enjoying the game in its present state!


all those ships CAN fight back, thats not an issue - one of the real issues is that when faced with one in nullsec many choose to dump about 40+ players onto it, which im sure you will agree, should be more than enough to kill it.

HOWEVER, the rorqs invuln ability is usually long enough to receive reinforcements.

I think i would still like to see mass limits on cyno’s tbh and varying degrees of cyno inhibs and capital tactical solutions but im happy to wait out the current most recent recon/blops patch to see ho that goes - i mean it’s good that random roaming gangs dont have random cynos fitted anymore and that they have to use a more dedicated ship… my poor t3 hard cyno tho :cry:

/me sniffs

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Do you know that the blackout end tomorow ?

When I wrote this post afaik that wasn’t known yet publicly. Now things changing again, thanx!

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Yeh, nullsec will become even more risk averse again… cest la vie, guess i wont sub that third account afterall :stuck_out_tongue: