Fix Rorquals Please!

Hi !

I am a rorq pilot, and for some time my rorq has sat docked.

I am not the only person not using my rorq, pretty much everyone who has one keeps it docked because they are expensive and the region I live in is not really safe enough to use.

I have no desire to join something like goonswarm with 500 people in a standing fleet sitting in 1 overpopulated system, and as this game develops the weaker players seem to be amassing in the biggest alliances and CCP seems to not mind.

The larger the alliance the bigger the impact on the game, fear of being blapped and blobbed out of all your supers keeps most people not using them and that makes the game less fun for everyone.

Lets get back on topic.

Things we can do to make the rorq great again

( These are just ideas because I want to use mine )

  1. Allow the rorq to boost cloaked ( would be sweet to be 25k away from miners )
  2. Remove the industrial core module from the game and give full bonus to normal burst modules, that way we could warp when reds come close
  3. Allow it to boost off grid but not anyplace in the system ( like a safe pocket )
  4. Make it immune to bubbles so if reds came, when the core wears off you could just jump out ( Assuming you have the hp / fit to survive and a cyno waiting)

I would like constructive criticism responses and not WAA my ship isn’t safe anymore children responses.

I have been boosting / mining for over 10 years in eve and I love this game and I love my rorq. I trained cap industrial V for a reason :slight_smile:


Rorqs are fine as is, learn to play or use something else


So you want your Rorqual to have a ‘get out of jail free’ card if it gets caught. I’m sorry but that’s not how it works.

The ability of players in large alliances to reap regenerating rewards in the safety of the standing fleet umbrella is a problem, but this is not the solution.

I suggest the following: dangerous space requires players to use ships that can best handle it. These ships already exist and you know what they are.
Resource regeneration is massively curtailed throughout the game (including high sec resource faucets), preventing a situation where 100 players sit in a single system mining indefinitely.
This will allow smaller groups to individually reap larger rewards over a longer period if the big alliance members refuse to go exploring for new material.


Rorquals die in Delve - sometimes in large quantities

The question is whether the ship earns a reasonable return on investment before it dies. If the risk exceeds the reward in your region, perhaps you should consider using a less expensive ship like the Orca or Porpoise to boost your mining fleets. Fit a Higgs anchor so you can stay aligned and stay alert so you can instantly warp when trouble arrives.

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These are by far some of the worst suggestions I have ever read. Rorquals are powerful enough as it is, and while yes, they do die, they are also easy enough to keep safe if your paying any attention.

No, cloaking is already a controversial enough topic since there is no real counter-play to it. and currently besides warping (with a covops) there isn’t anything you can do while cloaked.
Providing near perfect protection under a cloak while still having the rorquals primary purpose in full effect is a terrible idea.

Industrial core gives you more powerful bonuses at the expense of being locked into one place. if the core gets removed, the bonuses it provides would be removed as well, at which point you may as well just use an orca.

one of the primary goals to the rorqual changes was to remove offgrid boosting and get them into belts. this has changed rorq’s from being pos’ candy where they rarely if ever died. to something that gets used regularly and blow up spectacularly. why would you want to reverse that?

No. interdiction immunity is a questionable feature on ANY ship. there is absolutely zero reason we should be expanding that immunity just so you can have a get out of jail free card.


with 2 skiffs and a maxed out porpoise, Im making about a bil a day in my null sec home…rorqu Schmorq…porp costs about 60 mil…rorq costs 1bil+…the return on investment makes it an easy decision :slight_smile:

that said…yeah, if you don’t have some folks around to provide a defense fleet, well…yer just taking your chances…isn’t that what EVE is all about? :wink:



Why would they?

Judging on how many super losses I have seen recently, imma call BS on this.

Cause that wont in any way be abused. Plus Rorq does more than just boost now… why be constantly cloaked. Sounds like just a way to get cloaky combat boosters.

Yes, lets remove all risk from those using rorqs.

How about no? Off grid boosts were completely broken when they existed, and just removing the ability to boost from DED space is not going to solve that.

Again, where is the risk then, hell, this is actually worse than #2.

Really you are complaining cause the space you are in isn’t safe enough, yet you don’t want to move to safer space, and you don’t want to take the risk of undocking it. Removing risk from the game solves nothing and just makes gameplay worse for everyone.


With risk comes reward. Granted the Rorq is nerfed to hell for the reward but it is still used.

IF you want a nice cozy place to mine then high sec is a calling.

The rorq is for the most part fairly well balanced…i wont complain for a bit more ore but it is what it is.

It would be much easier for you to attempt to make your space safe through the destruction of pixels. There are people who will help in your efforts (for a fee). Please explore all options before wasting your time thinking up a fix for something that isn’t broken.


While I think your suggestions are entirely a bad idea, I fully admit the rorquals need a better purpose than a bigger mining ship. When CCP made them into the ultimate mining ship I called CCP morons, when the nerfed them back down to earth, I figured they finally got a clue it was ruining the game. Personally I think the rorq need to mine the same amount as a orca (+5 to 10%) and be given some other special ability like the old ore compression was to the rorq.

What the replacement role would be? Sadly I have no idea. Maybe the ability to actively reprocess ore slowly at higher yields than any station/citidel, but only while in a belt and deployed?

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Am a fellow miner i just want to say-

Thank you for docking up. Ore prices are rising. we couldn’t be happier. :grinning:


The “Please make the game easier for me” request #9283583242040420


Honestly, MOST of the risk of rorqual usage can be mitigated by having an alliance that actively rolls holes in its space, a good intel channel (and something like Vintel), and having a Wetu mobile depot onboard and predeployed. You can stuff your drones in the wetu and then the loss (should one happen) is replaceable in like 10-12 hours of mining. Also, I suspect the price of moon goo will go up here in the near future and help increase the isk/hour of rorquals long term, as well as provide alliances that had previously relied on that goo incentive to cultivate and protect a strong industrial wing.

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I am a Rorqual Pilot and

  1. Helll No, that’s like having a cake and eating it all
  2. Learn to play the game and the module is fine
  3. although I do miss this it makes the game more interesting without it and in fairness makes the game more realistic
  4. its to big to be immune, maybe have a warp stab bonus to it

As you already see you’ll get no sympathy from eve players, my suggestion, don’t use it if you know it is unprotected enough, it’s a waste of ISK for you and a nice killboard post for someone, you can bet by now some over obsessive player has probably tried to use a locater agent in the hopes of maybe getting that juicy post.

Sell it, if your in that much danger get a porpoise, some T-2 drones, while it can’t compare with a Rorq the savings in a loss is palatable.

Make the rorqual more useful in somewhat dangerous space
Let it theoretically drone mine = to a hulk, this would make it slightly less efficient in practice
remove industrial core
decrease the burst bonus to a few % better than orca
remove panic maybe
make ore compression be a cycle that speed =0 for but is canceled by warp

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Hmm… why would you risk 10+ bil to mine like a hulk?
Imo opinion rorquals are just fine as is. If you invest the isk in skillbooks and training time you dont want to fly thanatos thats equal to dominix or rorqual that mines like a hulk. You just have to have bigger yield and the best boost available if you are flying the best mining ship!

I disagree completely that Fozzie made them a superior mining vessel instead of a superior mining fleet support ship that was the original vision for them.

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The ideas are fine. In large alliances Roquals are perfectly safe anyway as long as they aren’t mining during CTA’s. Making them safer for smaller alliances to use doesn’t make them more powerful for big alliances, which should be the aim if we believe in levelling the playing field.

The problem lies in the industrial module. The moment you take away the ability for a ship to escape is the moment that ship becomes a tool only for the large alliances and gives them a huge advantage for absolutely no reason. Rorquals are a gift from CCP to large alliances, and a kick in the face to the rest. An absolutely stupid design choice.


That pretty much sums it up.

The PANIC module should have never been introduced. It’s completely un-EVE-ish and even required awkward workarounds like the astroid targeting. It ensures that huge, super-cap heavy groups can mine in safetly while at the same time only delays the inevitable for smaller groups. I haven’t used mine since the changes to the Rorqual for that very reason.

The PANIC module should be removed entirely as should the siege timer of the Industrial Core. That would give it a chance to escape for miners that are highly aware of their surroundings (as it should be). The way it is now, they’re just a killmail waiting to happen and if you’re in a smaller group, that happens pretty quickly. You’d be an idiot to use it.

I can only speculate why CCP went down this road: maybe they hoped that showering larger groups with cheap minerals would incentivize wars. That has clearly failed. They certainly knew how broken that thing is for non-huge groups, otherwise they wouldn’t have hastily introduced the Porpoise without a new hull.

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