Make Rorq Great Again

I have a rorq, it does nothing but sit in the station. If i field it and go mine the chances of getting killed are 90% unless you have a support fleet ready. Everytime a rorq dies that player literally re evaluates playing eve and it seems to happen over and over.

I wont cry about how you nerfed off grid boosts which destroyed the mineral market and made half your population quit and made 80 mil battleships cost 300m

Previously i used it to compress ore and jump it out, but you cant dock it at citadels because its too fat.

Most moon citadels dont have reprocessing enabled so you cant compress moon ore even if it was an option

( please fix this )

i should not have to buy a jump freighter to gather my crap

PS Want to sell rorq 4b


Edit- yeah, I think my reply comes across as rather dickish. So, how about a more tactful response.

The rorq was OP, and needed to be nerfed. Sorry if you didn’t make boatloads of cash while the going was good, but something needed to be done. It was stupid hard to kill, slowly driving ore prices into the ground, and was the biggest contributing factor to capital proliferation. So, when you ask to “make it great again,” you’re really asking for the game to return to a less balanced state. I know, no one likes nerfs. But they needed to be done (well, CCP should have never made the rorq such a beast to begin with. But here we are.).

Translation: I don’t know how to manage risk, and am too scared to undock. So, to hell with balance. Make Rorqs OP again.

Translation: I don’t know what I’m talking about because current mineral prices are most certainly the direct result of resource scarcity, and not getting rid of off-grid boosts, which happened in 2016. I also have apparently never heard of Eve Offline, otherwise I wouldn’t be making easily refuted claims about player retention.

Translation: Please casualize Eve.


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