Rorqual Buff

Ok CCP made the alt system for profit, We all know this. One person can run around with 20 kiki’s abusing multiboxing and kill rorquals all over the place.

If CCP makes a business decision for profit i don’t begrudge them that but in return we need to defend against fleets of alts. One person should not be able to impede the play for thousands of players.

This is just my two cents, buff the invulnerability module, let it cycle and keep the one man kiki fleet at bay. One person with 20 kiki’s has plenty of war targets to fight.

No. It was nerfed for a reason.


Do tell.

I would like to meet the man who can micromanage 20 kikis on alts shooting a rorqual.
Seriously though, I agree that we need more raw ores and minerals in the economy for more ships and modules for more people to blow up, but making it literally impossible to kill a ship where, if caught, the pilot is either 1. a massive idiot who deserves to lose his rorq, or 2. has a cyno alt already in system ready to jump in their nullbloc’s capital fleet to save it. Plus, the drone ball of the rorq and the inevitable exhumers/barges around it are enough to reduce your “20 kikis” to space debris in less than a minute.
Your main point is good, but there is no “1 man kiki fleet” menacing nullsec, and this change would only refuse content to those who want to take on rorquals. We might as well go back to the POS method of moon mining, or be able to set up mobile extractor units on asteroid belts.

CCP can buff the Rorqual after they limited their use to 1 per resource grid by only allowing 1 active Indu Core within 1000 km of an asteroid/ice rock and after they bind all perks of the ship 100% to the Indu Core. Only then the Rorqual can be buffed without breaking the game again.


Anything one player can do with alts to fly Kikis, they can (and many did) to fly fleets of Rorquals.

When rorquals were first buffed, fleets of them on a single grid became the norm (this one not necessarily a fleet of alts of a single player, but pictures of those fleets are around too):

Each able to PANIC and give each other immunity.

They also became such a great tackle ship that PL’s use of them caused CCP to specifically nerf the use of the PANIC module.

There’s still talk of more nerf coming, after several years of being extremely powerful.

So if they are to be buffed instead, there’ll also need to be some significant limitations placed on them, because they are already too powerful.


Yeah. It’s one guy in 20 kikis is preventing thousands of players from playing. If this guy has the skill to manage 20 alts and take on a hord of thousands I think he’s earned it.

If you can’t muster up enough support to force 20 kikis off grid you shouldn’t be undocking a rorqual.

You are living in some kind of fantasy dreamworld where people multiboxing 20 kiki gangs are killing rorquals left and right, because it’s very obvious from zkill that it’s not happening the new eden the rest of us are playing in.

How about keeping the balance suggestions for it in the relevant fantasy dreamworld forum instead?


Ya have you even looked at zkillboard? lol

I don’t know what to say, this game is messed up.

I use my rorqual as a jump freighter now. Take a look at this.

Why even undock for 65m in ice. Lose 9b? It’s always a fleet of bombers or kiki.

Then allow the rorqual to have cap capability. Let it have non-industrial ships in its bays. So people can jump clone in and grab ships. And let the rorqual use fighters.

If its going to be a combat target and its not going to have a functional invulnerability, then let it fight.

I get you like a helpless victim in space to blow up. You can always use the excuse you need a support fleet which if you can organize a fleet you’re going to gank with it, not protect a rorqual. Your view of the game is from a fixed logic perspective that protects your advantage.

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You can already use cap boosters with enough charges to tank for hours. Now hoarders can fit interdiction nullifiers it’s functionally indefinite. If you bling the shield booster and hardeners it can tank 20-30 bombers/kikis near indefinitely. It also has a huge drone bay and amazing drone bonuses.

Asking PANIC to allow repeating is insane. If a rorq gets caught, they could just PANIC up at will, and stay that way until downtime if necessary. It would be near impossible to kill one even with a dreadbomb, you’d have to catch and permajam it while killing it as they’re entering/exiting the orefield.

What’s the cutoff point that a rorqual shouldn’t be able to tank solo? 50 bombers/kikis? 100? 150? A good-sized dreadbomb? A coalition’s super fleet?

Rorquals already some of the tankiest ships alive, they have dreadnaught level active tank and literal, unironic invulnerability for 6 minutes regardless of how much DPS/neuting you put on field.

Any super or titan is eventually going to die to 50 bombers and a few good interdictor pilots. Expecting a rorqual to survive that is nonsensical.

My advantage is that I have 50 dudes with me in a carefully crafted doctrine for killing caps and you apparently don’t have an equivalent force to contest me.

In case you weren’t aware, there’s ships for repairing other ships or doing electronic warfare instead of damage. No one complains about them being bad for solo PVP because they’re meant to be used with other people.

Also a miner complaining about PVPers ruining the game with excessive multiboxing is geninuely hilarious.


but its not, its the only capital ship in the game that can’t defend itself.

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You have a perspective and you’re just trying to invalidate everything that challenges it. We are talking about barriers to entry. People should not have to go begging out the doors of entitled 1st day corps to be viable in null. Privileged perspectives are not helpful. There is a whole lot of players who are not null sec corps. And we want what you got without having to beg for scraps.

So any arguments that support the existing paradigm are invalid. You have to come up with something better then “it is what it is, go back to high sec.”

I have another idea, if we need a protection fleet then CCP should let us rent a fleet of concord protectors for like 20 bucks a day. There, problem solved. As long as we are just rorquals and don’t imitate an attack. Then we can mine in null and CCP gets to make some money. And you null sec people get to eat crow.

I’ve always lived in highsec, and I’ve never been in an actual corp. However, I’m also a very capable whaling FC and hunter. People don’t actually fall into the simple categories you put them in.

Eve is a competitive game, not in the sports-style competitive, but kill or be killed competitive. Asking for the fundamental balance of mineral extraction in Eve to change because you don’t want to participate in fleet pvp is the pinnacle of narcissitic solipsism.

You’re literally treating it like a single player game.

Firstly, I don’t think any of the first day corps still hold any significant power. If there is still a handful out there they are the minority.

Giants in eve rise and fall. I can still remember when goons were mostly a small time troll group. Well before the CFC or now the imperium.

Secondly I took a grand total of about 50 active pilots and held a null consultation for months. Only leaving because we decided we didn’t like the effort required to maintain and grow the operation. For us it was far more rewarding to go back to wh and run blops gangs out of it for far less busy work.

So no you don’t need to go begging to already established alliances to branch out into null. But you are going to have to put a lot of work in. The same work all those other groups had to put in and continue to put in.

With the drone damage bonuses it’s better at defending itself than a fax.

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50 active players and 10 unicorns i suspect.

no just 50 dudes only 10 of them had spent any amount of time outside hs before

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