Mining nerfs = Drone replacement

If ccp is going to Nerf the absolute crap out of mining and remove minerals form spots of the map and cut the mins in half and god knows what else, how about you give rorqual miners Capital strip miners and cap deep core strips? Why are we suffering the worst changes to mining and getting no fun out of it. Why should we have to risk horrible wetu’s and panic nerfs and yeild nerfs and not get something for it?

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Or we could just remove rorquals from the game and solve this problem.


Removing things from games never solved anything.

Rorquals (and nullsec capital farming in general) are bad no matter who is using them. Which is why you are getting a nerf with nothing to make up for it.

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Are you high? WHOS THE PROBLEM? Heres a visual aid.

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And your point is? CCP can’t remove an alliance from the game. They can nerf the overpowered farming tools that are creating economic problems.


You aren’t suffering just because you are making less ISK. Nullsec farming is still extremely profitable, and you’re still ignoring the fact that whining about goons is pointless when CCP can’t change the fact that they have a lot of well-organized members.


Again, what is your point? CCP can not make goons stop having 500 players to send against you, so what does any of that have to do with nerfing nullsec farming?

Because when they camp, no one logs on. Iv seen it 1st hand for 10 years.

Still not seeing a point here. CCP can’t make goons stop having a huge and well-organized player base, and nullsec farming is overpowered regardless of what goons are doing.

CCP can’t do anything because the reason goons are powerful has nothing to do with game mechanics. They win because they have a lot of well-organized players and the ability to adapt to changes. The only thing CCP could do to change this is to mass ban their members, and CCP is not going to ban thousands of paying customers for being too good at the game. So whining about how goons have too much power is a waste of time.

How is cloaking a problem?

Cloaking is not a problem, the problem is renter trash alliances whose only possible response to a PvP threat is to dock and hide until it leaves. But sure, we can nerf cloaking just as long as we also remove local.


Who created the renting system? Who forced players into these renter alliences because they cant face the odds without dedicated back up? I seem to recall goons killing every miner they can find in empire AND null and force them to join their renter space or face camping. Then everytime we try to seek help in the forms for change, we have to deal with people like you who just bash and detract.

What is your point? CCP can’t change any of those things without mass-banning thousands of paying customers for being too successful. Do you actually have a point here, or just whining and crying about how goons are better than your alliance?

Nullsec mining got a needed, long overdue nerf to it’s ore anomalies. There are plenty of them in sov space, so the only income nerf is from the time the rorquals or other miners need to move to the new anomalie / system.

The belt ore nerf will only have minor effects because in nullsec, very few players even mine in ordinary belts. Also, the CONSUMER, not the miner will pay the price in the end because ore prices will eventually go up. Thats how a market works. Good for miners, isn’t it?. So stop the “it’s-allways-the-miners-who-pay-the-price”-MIMIMI.

And just to quote the announcement of these changes:

> “This marks the beginning of the EVE resource distribution overhaul that will be taking place in the coming weeks and months.”

So there is more to come. Save some of that doomsday-mood for next month :wink:


So, like I said, you have nothing but whining and crying about how other players are more successful than you and don’t have any suggestions for how to improve the game.

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Still not seeing any suggestions for how CCP can change any of that, only complaining that other players are more successful than you.

I told you. Cloaking counter and you said F@#$ off. Why not TRY it? CCP is trying EVERYTHING else. Why not try THIS? Also we TRIED the black out and CCP said it cost them TO much in the end. SO you cant ask for the black out. Been done. Cloaking counter has not 1 time, ever been countable.

Because cloaking is not a balance issue, local is the problem. Farmers and RMT botters do not need local to be a 100% accurate warning of the presence of a threat so they can know exactly when to dock up and hide. Cloaking can not be nerfed until local is removed, and we saw what happened when CCP tried to do that.