Dearest CCP, Please un-nerf excavator drones!

Now that we can hunt in null sec with impunity, the larger crabing organizations have switched from the juicy excavator drone, to T2 mining drones. Give them back their speed and reduce the size back to pre nerf levels. Entice the muti-boxers to use excavators again.

Traveling all through Null for a flight of T2’s is anti-clamatic. Camping a system for hours for a flight of augmented mining drones, is just sad. Hunters don’t care how much a Rorq can mine, throw the industrialists a bone, since you have crippled them so hevely in the past two years.

Make excavators a thing again.

Zkill begs to differ… these things are still being lost like crazy in rorqs and in space the recent metric has 1.14t of the standard ones lost and 83b of the ice ones lost

Meh, the hunting is lean, I see T2’s everywhere.

Rorqs since the introduction of excavators have been used on a far greater scale because of excavators being op, they literally rake in money for very little effort. and in the large null blocks, very little risk. Since excavators have arrived, they have driven down costs for everything by flooding the market with minerals that wouldn’t be there if they weren’t implemented, they required nerds, they were way too op before the size and speed nerds, and extremely op before the previous Nerf. Look at Titan and super prices over the last few years. Since excavs, the prices have dropped significantly, from 20-30b for a super down to 15 for a super hull, and Titans have gone from 90b+ to 60b, and rumor has it, in goons you can get a Titan for as low as cost price, because the market is so over saturated with minerals.

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It actually has more to do with the structures and how much easier it is to mass produce them safely than it was back when you had to do it in a POS. The mineral cost is down do to rorqs however the fact that you can buy supers at damn near mineral price is because of the way they are built now.

I just want them to be used and in space. I don’t care about propping up mineral prices. The cheaper stuff is in EVE the better.

#MakingExcavatorsGreatAgain (MEGA)

But they are being used in space… their recent losses haven’t dipped

Yet another short sighted and selfish “make the game easier for me!” post that doesn’t take into consideration the rest of the game. Sigh.

You could not be more wrong, this has nothing to do with greed. I want Rorq pilots to use excavators. Why do YOU care if someone else is making ISK? How does that hurt you?

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