Returning player excavator drones worth using at this point?

Returning player. Noticed the recent news on the mining changes with Rorqs. Moon Mining wasn’t even a thing last I played. I understand Anons and belts have been nerfed. What about moon mining? Would mining in a Rorq still be a thing in there?

The reason I’m asking is I don’t have a ton of capital and by selling the drones and simply just tossing out defensive sentries I’d be fine with that. I value the rorq for the logistics and being able to compress (I hate hauling). Would those drones be worth using at this point or should I sell them?


For now yes but they intend on changing the amount of ore you get per day of extraction. So not sure on long terms.

Good to know, much appreciated! Think i’ll get out now. I bought them 3 years ago when I last played. Worst case can buy them back later. But I’m content without using them. Sure beats having to haul back to station all the time, that’s good enough for me.

Demand for minerals isn’t going away but supply nerfs will force miners to spread out and ore supply will be inadequate to support the number of players currently mining in densely populated areas.

In less densely populated areas the supply of ore should be adequate but the risk will be higher without a super capital umbrella for protection.

Just look at price history like September and 300-350M price each drone. Soon it will be like this. Then you can still get some drones for the future.

I can bet my (non-existent) hair that it won’t stay as long with the ores as it is now. Did CCP also write themselves that it’s only short-term containment.

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