Excavator Drone help?

Hi i just got the rorqual for mining, i am trying to find Excavator Drones but they never show up on the market place is there any other way to get them as a reward for a missions ?

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there’s a ton on the market in jita, a bit over a billion each.

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Rorqual question in NCQ&A?
Ghaaaahhh… :open_mouth:


maybe you don’t find them on market because the correct name is ‘excavator’ mining drone, and not excavator mining drone

Got my first Rorq after two days…
I think I have to skill further six months to get one :slight_smile:
A drone a billion. Nice. Read about drone probing guys who earn a fortune in Nullsec just collecting deadspace drones and fighters. Sounds like a plan when even Newbies may use them.

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