Sadness! Just lost my first 'Excavator' Mining Drone of my eve life in jita

I hava spend two day to earn 1b, and i am so happy to buy my first ‘Excavator’ Mining Drone.

But just when i take it to jita 4, it take long more than before to get in station, and then i received kiil report.
it’s really so sadness.
And it dose not do anything i put drone in secure container.

It’s real bad experience in game.

Troll effort 2/10. Would not read again.

You cant use it unless youre in a rorqual. So i dont know why you would buy one.

Im sure it is. Did you play the tutorial? They tell you about this.

OP is either lying or trolling.

0 out of 10, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars and may god have mercy on your soul.

Git gud.

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as said befor: can you fly a rorqal? if not you cant use excavators
you bought 1 excavator and you was flying TO jita? why?

with this ship and this fit … everyone would kill you in jita or anywhere else …
your char is from february 2017 so 18 months old … guess you should know that



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