Excavator' Mining Drone

Just started using a Rorq and the Excavator’ Mining Drone, got a full yield but then noticed that the drones would untarget the rock I had targeted. My ore hold is basically empty (500 units of ore is in it).

Every 45 seconds or so, I have to use Mine repeatedly again and again, and they will start up again, but only for 30-45 seconds. I also have the Industrial Core II running as well

What am I doing wrong?

There should be an option that says “Mine repeatedly”, but as I’ve never flown Excavators I’m unsure if you have this option with them as well.

Faros is right. Mine repeteadly

Should we be worried that someone is trying to AFK mine in a Rorq with expensive drones… and they don’t know how to command drones in general? Sounds kinda like someone looked up a guide to AFK mining, and skipped straight to the last chapter on Capital mining. =)


If he is in your corp… yes, be worried. If you’re a hunter, Nope!


I use drone ships and mine frequently, and I didnt even know that was an option.

probably because you use an hot key which activates the “mine repeteadly” process?

Just hit F.

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or radial menu - up

mine, MINE

MINE like theres no tomorrow!!!

because one day soon, there wont be.

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