Light Excavator mining drone

(Namaki Sauvage) #1

Hello All of EvE Team,

Possible to reflexion of create a Light Model of Excavator drone for porpoise and orca command ship in nullsec aera ?

Rorqual command ship but to strong when players dont have (skill and wallet) … thanks for a future update mining drone for this two ship !!

(Berger Luckmann) #2

But why?

(Azar Azorious) #3

We don’t need a ‘boost’ to mining as I have learned from my time in null sec, either go all in on a rorq or mine in a proc/cove. The last thing we need is more people just ‘casually’ getting into mining and crashing the markets.

(HiddenPorpoise) #4

Augs and Harvesters should be the top, we need to do away with Excavators entirely.

(CowRocket Void) #5

No, they are fine. The ability to 50 box rorqs is the problem. Lets treat them like the fighter class drone they are with the same UI.

(HiddenPorpoise) #6

By no metric are they fine. The orca can out mine unboosted barges but can’t out mine them with boosts on so you don’t see dozens of orcas out on a belt. At no point does a rorq become a suboptimal choice, unless you lack infinite protection. So only large groups get the best of the ship. Even if you need to manually tell each drone to make each flight with no repeats another rorq will always be better than a hulk because even with all that trouble they would only be tied for amount of attention per m3.

(Max Deveron) #7

no, porpoise and orca??? they would get used heavily in Highsec…no.


(Namaki Sauvage) #8

Type, i dont tell for thé ship, i request if possible to create new excavator drone (light) for Nullsec and only use by Porpoise and Orca.

(Berger Luckmann) #9

But why?

(Salt Foambreaker) #10

-1 the LAST thing we need is fleets of Orcas mining.

(Namaki Sauvage) #11

Well if mining player denied a little bonus up for player who dont have wallet and skillpoints for pilot Rorqual, CCP nerf in short time Excavator OR Rorqual capacity ???

When you mining and see in ORE Belt, multibox Fleet of Rorqual and you are in Porpoise (mining drone) or Procurer … not fair

(Max Deveron) #12

EvE is never fair…suck it up buttercup

(Salt Foambreaker) #13

Command ships were never intended to be solo miners.

The min max mentality of WoW style players brought this on. The idea that you should always fly a bigger better ship.

NO, just NO.

A Orca is not supposed to be a bigger Hulk.

The base concept is bad.