[Proposal] Rebalance Rorqual

  1. Make it so it won’t be able to fit multiple shield boosters (ASB or normal ones). Currently a passive ASB shield tanked Rorqual is just unreal ;
  2. Remove P.A.N.I.C. module or drastically decrease the invulnerability window. It is an abomination ;
  3. Decrease the mining yield . The hull is supposed to be a mining support vessel , not an actual dedicated mining one.

In it’s current state , combined with the rebalance of ore table for 0.0 , dedicated refineries & engineering complexes, skill injectors and supercarrier ratting , is one of the main issue for capital proliferation , which spells “no pvp allowed” in multiple regions of Eve.

True, and this is biggest mistake CCP does.
Because if one Rorqual can replace, let say 20 mining barges, it means 19 less subscription for CCP. Why CCP throwing money away ???

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So because you’ve been under a rock, I’ll catch you up to speed.

1# so in the minutes, it was suggested that Capital Ancillary Shield boosters be limited to 1. I believe there was also talk of limiting cap injectors but i may be wrong on that.

#2 uhhhhj… No its fine as it is, Rocqs still die even with the full 10 mins.

#3 while the mining yield might be a issue. A Rcoq isnt eliminating alts, its freeing them to do other tasks or just adding more barges on field.

Concerning the “hurr durr I cAn’T kiLL tHiS 12 BiLlionS ShIp WiTh My CoRvEtTe CCPLs nErF”, you have to actually team up to take down a Rorqual. And because half of the Rorqual pilots are either bots, or completely retarded, it’s quite damn easy to do. Just look at the killboard of Rorquals. The vast majority of them are failed fits focused on mining yield and not defense, casually sitting at 0 in dangerous space.

Also, fleets of Stealth Bombers easily take down mutliple Rorqual in a single evening, simply because most of the time, they don’t have support nearby and yet, they mine with a 12 billions ISK ship + 5billions drones.


  • Leave the shield booster changes as they are, limiting CASBs was a HUGE nerf to their active tank already
  • Remove PANIC
  • Make the indy core not self-tackle the ships
  • Make drones controlled like fighters, but preserve current yields

Net result, rorqs are less tanky, can’t go 100% immune (though tbh PANIC only kills seal clubbing, which was far from an engaging style of play), but by being actively piloted can warp away if the pilot is paying attention.

And to top it all off, you can’t multibox them because their drones will require constant input, and said constant input will make an inattentive pilot not watch local as much.

But of course that you have to team up … Stating that half of them are like that is a bit exagerated . It is true that we see loses even in regions like Delve, Esoteria, etc. due to the reasons you just described , but those are mostly isolated cases there. If you do it right , with a proper fit , at the right time and with a super umbrella to cover you, the risk your 12 bil ship faces is none.

That’s plenty of time to form a rescue fleet with supers + fax support. What you’re saying happens eighter when there isn’t a super umbrella (like rented space) and/or outside cover of a super umbrella . Eighter way, those regoins of space are getting more and more limited.

plenty of goon rorqs die in goons space which in by far has the biggest super umbrella. Sorry in this case please HTFU.

That would fix most problems with the rorq IMO.

The rorq isn’t OP. Its the ease of 50 boxing them.


Due to human error and/or ignorance… reasons like not having LO in cargohold, having a bad fit, not being on coms and standing fleet , mining in a system outside jump range of rescue fleet, afk, mining during CTA, the list goes on … in goons only imagination can be your limit .
Factor these out and most of the time you are perfectly safe.

And it’s quite normal to be somewhat safe in a region where your alliance spent hundreds of billions, if not more, to secure it. I always hear all those people saying that Goons are the ones ruining the game, by farming every possible thing in nullsec. Well, they worked to assure a safe place in the havens, that was the whole point of leaving right to capsuleers to control uncharted territories.

And, you’ll excuse me, @gonoree, but you just sound like someone that want to cripple the tank of Rorqual just to make them easy targets. No, sorry darling, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

However, the CSM did planned to limit the number of CASB on every capital, because running three of them on a single ship was OP. It’s already something putting the Rorqual back in ligne with others capitals in terms of tanks.

Rorquals are effectively self limiting - they mine ore, not ISK, and the in game market determines the value of that ore. Mine too much and the price goes down. Rorquals have made the current structure/capital meta possible by providing the massive quantities of minerals needed to build them.

This is a simple function of supply and demand - are capital ships and structures dying fast enough to sustain demand for raw material?

Ratters on the other hand, are mining ISK in the form of bounties - creating a situation where the money supply is growing much faster than the overall economy. In the real world, this never ends well and I believe it’s the most urgent problem CCP needs to address for the Eve economy.

#1 - Done
#2 - We’ve suggested reducing the time on the PANIC module.
#3 - We’ve already seen Rorqs get nerfed once. We’re unlikely to see major changes in this regard. I’d rather make them easier to blow up (which we did).

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