New mining BS class


Due to the nerf of rorqual class while the buff of mining boost was improved i thing its time we start seeing more mining fleets than single rorquals.

Also the imminent introduction of the new ‘ark’ ships means there is going to be a demand for more minerals.

So i am proposing a new BS sized class of ‘mining barges’, three variations like present ORE ships. tank, yield, cargo variants.

I have more ideas about their specific attributes but i will stop here, wait to see if i get any support and respond accordingly.

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yep good idea

What can they provide that the current mining barges can’t?

well they are a larger class, much more expensive but also more high slots for the large strip miners, much bigger yield and, lots of cargo on the retriever variant. finally the procurer variant strong tank


So basically bigger barges/Exhumers, but they have more base EHP…

And concerning the new Triglavian’s Ark Xordazh, we don’t know if capsuleers will be able to even use it, as it could also be a Station being the center of new Invasions coming on May 28th. So the “need” for ressources isn’t really needed in fact.

And with the current Rorqual spam going in every goddamn nullsec (and even some wormhole) regions, we don’t need more ressource harvesting ships, sadly.

So let me get this straight, Rorquals were nerfed because they were mining too much and causing huge amounts of minerals in the game.
Now you propose to introduce a mining ship that has better yields than current barges?


The scary part is that some of CCP’s past developement decisions in regards to ships and their abilities makes this proposal somehow logical.
No one shoots themselves in the foot as well as CCP.


Conflict breeds innovation. The mining ships are targeted daily by much stronger combat ships but the Ore faction ships have seen no innovation. It is well pass time for ALL Ore ships to get a balance pass and I would love to see even larger stronger Ore ships added to the game.

I personally believe that CCP is conspiring against Miners and Industrial players! What makes me believe this that ALL industrail ships and mining ships are so very weak compared to any other ship in their price range. There is no way in HELL that those ships evolved in the same Universe as the combat ships. Mining ships are ganked daily, industrial ships are ganked daily, frieghters are ganked daily, and all of them are bumped daily.

The conflict and numbers of losses would have demanded innovation!


Or here’s a better idea…

They take away Rorq’s ability to mine at all… And turn it back into a Fleet support craft like it was originally. And then the Exhumers will go back to being the pinnacle of mining craft, like they were originally. And then the mineral market will shrink back down, and the overabundance of Capitals being constructed can go back down, and the PLEX prices can go back down… And basically the entire game can get its head out of its ass and stop with all the over-inflation.

Everyone likes to say “bigger isn’t always better” but you know what… it sure as hell feels that way. So damned many Capitals being flown around. We went from an era where we make a monument to the first Titan ever lost. To saying “Oh look, they only brought 1600 Capitals with them. Good thing we’ve got 3700 of our own.”


Over-inflation? 75-85% of all items listed on the markets throughout New Eden don’t even cover mineral cost. Where is this inflation you are talking about?

You need to try simulating some of the Exhumsers. All of the Exhumsers have poor CPU and Powergrid. You can not even fit a Skiff to tank and be decent at mining. What needs to happen is a balance pass to ALL Ore and Industrail ships in the game.

Assuming this isn’t some fresh faced Alt you only use for forum posting… I’ve got about 9 years of gameplay on you =)

Basing your “decent at mining” on a Rorq with a bunch of Cap sized mining drones is not even close to a proper measurement. The Hulk was the best mining ship around once they actually added the ORE ships. Before that, it was Dessies and BS with a bunch of ordinary mining lasers fitted. Strip miners were a revolutionary addition. But now, yeah, they don’t hold a candle to an AFK dickhead flying a Rorq. Most people don’t want to fly an Exhumer anymore b/c it’s just as easy to AFK an Orca. Toss a couple rigs on it, since those are the only mods that matter for the Mining Drones. And the rest of the fit can be anti-gank or maybe fleet boosting if your friends are poor and can’t afford their own Orcas.

You’re right, the game does need a balance pass. But it doesn’t need increases in how much we mine. It needs a decrease. Bring the mineral levels back down, so NS games can get back to something besides hotdropping 500 Titans on a target. Make Capitals a rarity again, instead of so nauseatingly common it’s ridiculous.

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This comes from a ridiculous mentality of; “Minerals I mine at free.”


Well i kinda accept that its the capital era for null sec and i thing that its a good thing that ccp is going with a mass-aoe like the titans of old with the ark ships, that will mean many capitals getting killed. There is a hole in design when going from a hulk to a rorqual. I believe we need something in between, that something will be much much easier to kill than a rorqual so more content.

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i believe that is coming, replace the abbadon after 1:30 with the new hyper capital ship. A ship capable of multi one shotting titans, supers and ofc all subcaps in one shot

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this new capital, the nerf to rorquals and the reduced insurance payouts will make null seccers poor. Stop whining about the supposedly inflation. Coalition guy was selling 35 nids for 650 mil what f**** inflation…

uhmm… they do cover mineral cost. I ought to know this, after all I make a crapload of items with all my alts. What doesn’t cover mineral cost consists mostly of battleships and battlecruisers (plus some other ships… in fact it is almost only ships that are below mineral cost)

are you daft? A skiff can get up to 110k EHP and with crystals still pull in over 1500 m3 per strip laser cycle. And that is all before boosts.


Maybe he tried to fit a large shield booster on and was disappointed - lol.

2 things to fix this

Make it dangerous to miner Moon remove them from the 0.5 system make them 0.4 and below you can leave the current mining system with the moon’s alone but make it more dangerous speaking of the speaking as a mining Focus person who enjoys it and salvaging also it has to be this way to save the economy it has to be dangerous to be on the moon again for mining purposes my opinion

Don’t allow capitals to be skill injected because you’re right it’s a faucet of capitals being injected

Everything below capitals to be skill injected everything capital in above should have to be trained the hard way in a long way using implants and sitting there on the character in a station because you don’t want to get blown up because your implants cost so much but you need to skill quicker

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