Idea: Battlecruiser/Battleship Mining Barge/Exhumer

Ore: Battleship Mining Barge & Battleship BlackOps-Exhumer
Im here again to put new ideas in your head.

This is to open game options for a hinted/upcoming “limited resource” war in EvE.
As well as a somewhat large indy portion “chillout/drunk in belt after work” that rorqual changes killed off.

Why is a Battleship size Mining Barge considered?
Making EvE more active gamplay is always a good goal, tho as a large universe 1 focus is to a limited audiance.
Tho we should not forget the ones that play eve as an relaxation after a stressfull work day.
Some smaler corporations starts their life of in a slow lane due to limited Rorqual viability.
The T1 Battleship Mining Barge is to be the middle ground at a higher risk.
The Chillout with friends XL Barge.

I want more active gamplay, did you forget about me?
T2 Battleship size BlackOps-Exhumer just for the siphoning of neutral or enemy moon mining.
Due to the inherent risk of going in to dangerous territory & stealing their R64 moons resource (Rare & Exceptional ore) dodging probes & fleets hunting the ship/fleet down may be an intresting careere change.
The High Yield Ore Thief

Thank you for taking the time to read my ideas i hope you are well Frend and Foe.
Fly Wild o7


T1 Battleship size Barge [Name?] Hull Value 300 Mil
Highslot: 4 (4x Modulated Strip Miner II)
Midslot: 6 (above avarage Ferox’ish tank)
Lowslot: 3 (typical mining & dcu layout)

Drone bay:
50 bandwidth
75 Drone Capacity

Ship Bonus:
2% reduction in Strip Miner and Ice Harvester duration.

Role Bonus:
50% bonus to drone hitpoints and ore mining yield.

T2 Battleship size Black-Ops Exhumer [Name?] Hull Value 2 Bill
Highslot: 4 (4x Modulated Strip Miner II or 3x mining lasers & 1x Prototype Cloaking Device I)
Midslot: 7 (avarage Raven’ish tank)
Lowslot: 5 (3x mining laser uppgrades, 1x cpu co prosessor & 1x DCU)

Drone bay:
50 bandwidth
75 Drone Capacity

Black Ops Bonus:
20% bonus to drone hitpoints and ore mining yield.
125% Bonus to ships max velocity when using Cloaking Devices.

Ship Bonus:
5% reduction in “Covert Modulated Strip Miner II” duration.
10% bonus to ships ore hold capacity.

Role Bonus:
Can fit “Covert Modulated Strip Miner II” and Covert Cynosural Field Generator
No targeting delay after Cloaking Device deactivation.
Cloak reactivation delay is increase by 100%
80% reduction to effetive distance traveled for jump fatigue.
50% reduction in Cynosural Field Generator duration.

Note: a new module called “Covert Modulated Strip Miner II” it can only mine (Rare & Exeptional ore types)
It could be added with the difference that it can not stop in the middle of a cycle & won’t alow warps or jumping to cyno.

Sorry for slaughtering the language.

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Why when a rorqual is around

Just allow their use in high sec and I’m good.

To long did not read ehh?

Your an FC’s dream. (irony)

What you forgot in “battlecruiser” and “battleship” terms is the first part : battle.


Here comes the BattleMiner lol

Kay, your not being very productive.
Help me with a name for it rather then picking on words.

Its called ist a Size comparison where the Normal barge is Cruiser & Venture is Frig Size.

Can you elaborate on why its to be limited to highsec?

Black ops don’t realy work in highsec & its made to steal R64/32 ore.

“mining barge”, but they already exist.

making sized-version is worse. Size matter in combat because bigger means slower, and easier to hit, and harder to shoot something, keeping the different sizes in balance. Those worse parts are no more when mining, eg the rorquals is a flat better miner than barges, and barges are flat better miner than venture. That’s just bad for balance.

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I meant that I’m ok with them being used everywhere, including high sec.

Like any semi-decent nullsec alliance won’t have a fleet of rorquals on standby once R32/R64 moons come out and pop…

Basically, something that mines more than a hulk but has better capacity, tank and is cheaper?

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I really don’t understand the need for more ships that lick rocks.

they don’t want more ship. They want more yield. Without realizing that more yield would reduce the value of the ore they mine.

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You can feel a lot of new people playing now. Every times this happens threads like this start to appear.

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Yeah, the Orca is fine how it is. It doesn’t need to be changed.

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Why not a command destroyer with covert-ops and limited covert-op jump drive? Which can work with the Prospect, Endurance and Blockade Runners.

The real issue is that there is too much on offer in High Sec. Moon Mining has removed any reason for High Sec players to take the risks of other security space or WH.

Particularly the aspect of Shattered Wormholes having significant resources. There is no cause to make an effort to harvest these when existing space has an over abundance. Which is part of the design purpose of the Endurance in the first place.

Add a BPC of the Foreman Command Destroyer and Faction Mining modules to Resource Wars, and now it has interesting content. It would encourage co-operative play which is a retention key.


CODE.-tards wlll have a cow over something like this because it would be exceedingly difficult to gank.

In their dazed and confused haze they would somehow think a 30m mining permit is needed.

Well, there was and is never an R64 ore. The ore types are as follows: Ubiquitous, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Exceptional. Dont confuse newer players with a retired naming system.

I’ve done a fair amount of mining all over. This is not needed, all the mining ships are pretty good as they are, if anything I would nerf the Orca yield, especially ice.

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