Idea: Battlecruiser/Battleship Mining Barge/Exhumer

Right, nerf it to zero. Rorqs, Orcas and Porpoises should only be support ships.

Not what I meant tbh. Porpoise yield is about right I’d say. Orca yield is too high, I would say at max it should pull same as a T1 fitted Procurer so that it is barely viable as a solo platform, to compensate I would up the boost capability. As for the Rorq, don’t know, I’ve never flown one but I have been in Rorq fleets which was cool, if u are prepared to invest in one and risk it in low/null then fair play to u. I was mostly thinking about hisec.


just make the ice drones take 5 times less bandwidth, have 5 times more laser duration. of course replace all stacks of ice drones with a stack of 5 times that number, and make the ice drones BP create 5 drones instead of one.

This will make people able to compete with orcas, by simply out-mining their ice.

Got to stir things up, we got to love how only there is only problems no solutions to problems in every forum.
How old is my character? its my youngest actualy, tho not what i’d call new, hahaha^^

Who are they?

Where did i say its another same size Mining barge? Do you even read?

Literly the whole game is a sized-version.

So you directly saying Only Yeiald matters & Fitting, Speed, Enemy, Fleet, Bonuses, any other players, Size, Sig radius, nothing else then Yield don’t even play in to it?

Im sorry, but your tougth patern is strikingly close to alot of my F1 monkeys would say mindlesly.

You do realize your so called

Is not “semi” but top tier or have top tier defence contract or are blue donuts with top tier Alliances.

I excuse myself if i seem overly protective protective of my ideas.

The thing is i want to see solutions posted along with problems others think of.

Thank you good note to keep in mind.

Tho it said R64 = the Moon.
Then had “(Expencive ore)” seperated with () from R64.

I typed it to help both new and old players.
Yes i should edit to make it more exakt, thank you.

TBH i like this idea.

your multi-personality disorders.

Where did I say you said it ? Learn to read.

Only for combat ships. Which is literally what I said after that. You are free to discuss my opinion, once you make the effort to try to understand it.

Where did I say that ? Learn to read.

If there is no solution, then there is no problem.

Nice, so you can only be rude as a response.

Right there.

I do read & i do listen to what you have to say.

No other in game ship size is called mining barge, hence why i said battleship sized mining barge.

directly counters

It is implied when you say:

And what your implying is directly.
Transports & its hold is not relative to size.
Ore yeald is not relative to size.
Citadel number of fitting slots & modules are not relative to size.

You cannot have your cake and eat it sadly.

sorry to hear that truth hurts you.

Your post make no sense at all.

Literally it’s only words smashed together.

Yeah i see you have a history of your both name calling & not able of reading/understanding.
Yap away. :smiley:

Maybe add Excavators instead? Ships that land on/connect to asteroid and mine from surface. Give them something like 90% reduction to the optimal range of miners. That would be something new-ish, not just simple boring scaling up.

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I like the idea of the black ops version. Lately I have been enjoying several different forms of covert ops gameplay including both industrial and violent.

One thing I do see is that, last I looked anyway, which I admit has not been for a while since I find smaller ships more fun anyway, I seem to recall black ops battle ships being a little less tanky. Perhaps switch the mid slots on the two ships you have proposed?

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So in my opinion I wouldn’t introduce a new ship. Hulk is THE ship you would want, you just cannot use it effectively besides fleet ops and some missions. Not with those Triglavians and suicide gankers around.

I would rather detach the tech I Covetor and Tech 2 hulk from the mining barge line, and move it to an entire new class called ‘heavy mining barge’.

As a new heavier class, I would give the hulk a large shield of around 10k-13k, an amount of 45k ore hold and 150 m3 drone bay and 50mbit bandwidth and 30% less stats for the covetor.

With a layout of 2 high/4med/3low for the covetor and 2high/5med/4low for the hulk.

i would set the powergrid around 300-400 to be able to utilize 2-3 shield extender, or 1-2 shield extender and an afterburner/mwd

There. You have a ship line, with a good defense, good offense, and high solo mining yield.

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Isn’t it more logical to use Procurers and Skiffs as heavy mining barges?

In my mind no. Procurers and Skiffs should be the baseline for mining barges.

First of cosmetics. From the three barges Hulk is the largest, it makes sense to re classify it.

Secondly there is a gap between skiff and orca in yield, tank and cargo space.

That in between space should be filled with the covetor and hulk, which offers a sizeable yield upgrade, but at the moment and current climate lacks ore cargo space and most importantly tank.

So in my mind when I wanna fill that gap, I wanna put Hulk in that class, and I wanna give it proportional tank and cargo to protect itself from at least a small trig squad, and be able to do level 4 mining missions.

I had a long response thought out, but it all boils down to:



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